Wednesday, June 27

Am I more than you bargained for yet? I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear, cos that's just who I am this week.

Against my better judgement....

I find it very odd to think that this blog was never started with the intention of writing for 'readers'. Although, obviously blogs being blogs, a certain readership takes form. Yet now, I am writing something with the sole intention of it being read by other people.
It feels very odd. To the point that this will be the one and only time I ask for any readers here for 2 minutes of their time.

A very brief explanation follows:
I am in the Big Blogger house. It's a blog site set up to mirror the Big Brother concept, where 15 odd 'housemates' (bloggers) are supposedly in a virtual blog house. There are certain rules to follow and we have 'tasks' to complete twice a week and during that time a poll is taken to evict a housemate, or two. By the end there will be 1 left, able to don the moniker of Big Blogger 2007.

Apart from one other blogger, Joe, I am the least known of them all. So far it's been polls to vote people out. This week, it's a vote to keep people in. I seem to have to survived the voting out part of it, but this week, it calls for people to keep you in. That's a whole different kettle of fish.

I would ask anybody who stumbles across my little venting space to take 10 seconds to click on the Big Blogger picture below, look for the voting poll on the right hand side, selecting 'bedshaped' and clicking vote.
I would really appreciate some help and am kinda hoping that being the underdog doesn't mean I get evicted because I quite simply didn't ask for help.

This is what the poll looks like:

Click the logo below to spread a little love:

Big Blogger 2007

Thank you, whoever you are .

Monday, June 25

I'm living on shattered faith. The kind that likes to restrict your breath.

So, this guy we're doing this bathroom job for....

Attempting to strike up conversation, I say to him that it must be a rewarding job, being a paramedic.
"Well, a few weeks ago, we attended a guy who had the long attachment of a vacuum cleaner stuck up his arse. His wife's face was a picture."
Who could have seen that response coming!

Friday, June 22

Wednesday, June 20

And I am so very tired of doing the right thing. Dear God, please help me.

Even something as simple as buttering bread is pissing me off lately. The bread keeps tearing.

I don't know if it's down to the quality of the bread, if the butter is too hard from being in the fridge or if I'm being a little heavy handed with the knife.

I think I must be due on.


Monday, June 18

So get off your ass and come down here, 'Cause rock 'n' roll ain't no riddle man. To me it makes good, good sense.

The weekend was great.
I spent it with The Girl, how couldn't it be great.

I can't even begin to express how good it feels when we finish a job. It's unbelievable to think that 6 months ago, I wouldn't have had a clue where to begin.
And yet, here I am being able to....

Change this

To this

Change this

To this

And change this

To this

I've spent most of today trying to make some sense of my desperate financial situation. I must have lost 3 hours browsing through the message boards on, but it's certainly made me feel a whole lot better about myself. That sounds like a horrible thing to say, but seeing that I'm not up the creek quite as much as many other people, somehow I feel a lot better. Damn, it still sounds horrible. There are people in much worse money situations than I am, so I'm grateful for not being as bad as I thought I was.
That's the best I can do, especially after a schmoke.
"Schmoke and a pancake?"
"Shigar and a waffle?"

So even though I've not actually done anything about my financial situation, I appear to have several plans formulating in my head. My mood is lifted, although I could put that down to having AC/DC blasting in the room. Oh how I love my deaf neighbours!

The Big Blogger house is quiet. I thought it would be much more interactive than it's turned out to be, so far anyway. Perhaps it's down to us....perhaps we are crap housemates? I'm gonna try and be a little more 'active' in there.
So anybody who strolls by here, please spare just a few minutes to pop over to Big Blogger 2007 and enjoy the moments of 13 bloggers (12 of them dead popular) stuck in a virtual house a la Big Brother. Enjoy the wit of Big Blogger himself, all the action in The Diary Room and if you get chance....and the inclination, would you mind voting somebody out of the house on the poll.

Wednesday, June 13

And the bigger you are, the harder you fall. You just need to call and let someone know .

Slight situation in the bath earlier, involving a pair of scissors, my bollocks and a little blood.
Luckily, I didn't have to call for a Paramedic and it was one of those situations where it looked a lot worse than it actually was.

Tuesday, June 12

Let me apologize to begin with. Let me apologize for what I'm about to say.

Ok, I'm not being funny or anything like that, but what the fuck is going on in the world when people train their cats to 'do their business' in the toilet!
Early evening, we are walking around this house, listening to the girl talk about what work she wants doing. We wander into the bathroom and are met with a sight very similar to this:

Her cat is perched on the edge of the toilet seat, taking a dump!

She gave the cat lots of fuss when she'd finished. "Good girl....who's a good girl", she said.
Brain to mouth, brain to mouth....communication is down, repeat, communication is down.
I don't think my comment of "Can you teach her to spray the air freshener when she does a real stinker?" will help us win that job.

At least she can't blame her fella for leaving the toilet seat up all the time now.

Monday, June 11

But trying to be someone else was harder than it seemed. And somehow I got caught up in between .

My car is fixed.
Well, sort of. The guy who did it for me said that the underneath of the car is reminiscent of a Tobe Hooper movie. A mess. It worked well enough to get me through the 90 miles to see The Girl, but it's now developed some strange creaking noises. I think it's just a matter of time.
Poor piece of shit.

I about to embark on watching the 3rd season of Lost. I completely missed it the first time around, so I've been catching up....slowly. I must say I'm really enjoying it so far and it's a good 'filler' for when Heroes comes back on.
I want the 2nd Season of Skins to come on soon as well. I loved the first season and thought the soundtrack was genius.

I must be the worst neighbour in the world. I can't stop playing the new Linkin Park album, at considerable volume. I can feel a review coming on, over here.

Friday, June 8

You should have known from the jump, that you always get dumped. So dust off your fuck me pumps.

It feels wrong to be here on a Friday night, I'm usually with The Girl.
It all feels wrong.

Work is going fine, thanks for asking. The money situation is still crap though and I don't wanna talk about it.
I'm still frustrated as fuck and the only cure being a nice, long hug.

Wednesday, June 6

Sick of the dark ways, we march to the drumming. Jump when they tell us, they want to see jumping.

I have £7 in my bank account and I'm not afraid to use it!
However, since that money isn't going to cover my current crisis that's called a broken car then....then it's just become a shitty end to yet another day in the life of.

Two letters were waiting for me when I got back in tonight. One from my Mortgage Company, stating that 'the special rate you've been paying on your Mortgage has now come to an end...." and consequently my payments are going to increase by....wait for it....£230 a month.
Ironically (or perhaps by some more scheming nature) the second letter was from the same Company offering "An exclusive offer of a loan for home owners with said Mortgage Company"
Fucking piss takers!

It really is the root of all evil.

In other news, Spiderman 3 is a pile of old smelly pants. What were they thinking!

Monday, June 4

Can't get the stink off, he's been hanging round for days.

I've just realised that when I put Radiohead into Pandora, it always plays crap.

Sunday, June 3

Running down corridors, through automatic doors.

So I've entered the Big Blogger House.

Any kind of appreciation would be welcome, because let's face it....I need all the help I can get.