Wednesday, May 31

A stranger with your door key explaining that I am just visiting.

Being off work should mean exactly that.

It's not even 1pm on my first day off and already I've had 6, yep 6 phone calls from them.

Sometimes, I really hate that job.

And I've finally changed the songs on the right - >

Monday, May 29

It's morning time....I wonder if the sun has risen where you are.

It's been an amazing weekend.

There were conversations about the average bust size, some guy who's name rhymes with Carlsberg, the hottest girl from Star Trek (seriously, don't ask), the Top Gun movie soundtrack, Magnum PI, how much money you don't save at Makro, the lost X Men 2 dvd, fluffy marshmallows, Big Brother, relationships, a sister I didn't know about, crap garlic bread with cheese, Google search results, Scary Movie 2, Epilady's that are quite frankly....crap, bloggers who disappear, my almost setting my jeans on fire, smelly feet, plucking eyebrows, the advantages of buying unofficial gear from the cheap guys outside of events, a picture of my bath and some other things....

I miss her.
Le sigh.

I only have work tomorrow, then I'm off for a few days. This will be a great time to get some decent rest, chill out and have some 'me time'.

I'm not sure how I feel tonight. The house is empty, but The Blagger will be back soon, when the pubs chuck him and Krusty out. He has to vacate for a few days midweek and even though he's a slob, I love having him around and I'll miss him when he's gone for good and the house is empty, all but me once again.
Living alone is great, but there are many times when it's just nice to hear another voice around.
It's much harder than a lot of people think.
It's much harder than I ever realised.

2 new people have gone into the Big Brother house.
This will be interesting!
I realise that I'm a pathetic person for getting excited about a reality TV program, but considering I don't normally watch any TV, I figure it's ok for me to get so 'into' a TV program that runs for 13 weeks.

I think I'm gonna have a smoke....and a drink....and then hit the sack.

"This bed's too big without you,
Oh God, what do I do?
I'm a thousand miles away
and I'm lying next to you."

Friday, May 26

I get restless, I believe. I get restless and free.

So....Supermarket shopping earlier....

I'm not a big fan of Morrisons and even less so now. This afternoon, I nipped into said supermarket to get 3 items. well, I actually went in for just two, but you know how it is when you see something on offer.
How could I possibly turn down 'but one get one free' on muffins!?!?!
I love muffins!

After collecting said three items in my basket, I proceeded onto the checkout that clearly stated "Baskets only/cash only". Not only did I refrain from saying anything when at least 4 people in the queue before me paid for their shopping on a card, but the elderly woman 2 in front of me didn't even get a "boo" from anybody in the queue, or the person on the checkout about the fact she had at least 30 things in her trolley.
This appeared to be the only 'baskets/cash/fast lane' that this supermarket had open, so I waited....and waited...and waited....
Over 20 minutes it took for me to get through the checkout. That's including the time it took for the queue to go down, the people paying on their cards, the trolley lady and the change in shift for the checkout woman, who gave the relief cashier a 5 minute run down of her life last night. The girl in front kinda pissed me off by having 3 items, but insisting on laying them out on the belt, all divided by a "next customer please" divider and paying for them separately.
The guy behind me stank of booze and the original checkout woman looked 90, if she was a day!

Things appear to be hotting up on the Big Brother front. On top of two people leaving the house before the first eviction, oh and "Bonneh" going tonight, they are already 3 housemates down after just 8 days and what's with all this pairing off stuff?!

Work rang me at least three times today. I say at least because my mobile died on me, so I'm not sure if any more attempts were made to piss me off get hold of me.
I don't get much time off from work, but I'm sure the last time I checked, a day off meant exactly that....a day off....

I spent the night with The Girl last night.
I'm gonna spend even more time with her over this weekend as well.
I find her completely addictive and I love who I am when I'm around

Wednesday, May 24

I've played a role so long that I've forgotten myself.

Work is kinda strange.

We have two new people who started on Monday.
The guy reminds us all of Ivan Drago, so he's already earnt his nickname. He's had lots of Sales experience and apparently is "damn good at his job", but I've yet to see anything from him that suggests he's even interested in working with us.
The girl seems really nice. She's not had much experience, but is completely opposite to Drago in that she actually seems keen....happy....motivated.

I'm finding Big Brother completely addictive this year.
No change there then!

All of the people in the house have their own little points and I can't help being such a voyeur.
We had a 'sweep-stake' at work on Monday. All the housemates' names in a hat, plus an extra 'name' saying "any other housemate", to include any additions and the Kit Kat winner....A fiver in and winner takes all.
I picked out Pete!

This morning, my wrist has been aching and as the day went on, it's been kinda sore. Before any conclusions are jumped to, no I haven't had a marathon wanking session, I think I just slept funny.

Tomorrow I have to get up at stupid o'clock to drive almost 90 miles to attend a training course on a new car that's being launched. Looking at the itinerary, there's a little 'workshop' stuff, but the majority of the day looks like we're driving the fucker at high speeds around an off road track.
Go me!

I've downloaded the new Narina Pallot album tonight. Her single reminds me of Sheryl Crow, but the video sucks donkey balls. The Girl and I cringed through it the other day. The rest of the album sounds pretty good, with her vocals sounding like a mix of said Crow, Fiona Apple and whatsername....Paula Cole.
Damn, I wish I could think of a better name than The Girl.

After a week of having The Blagger as my houseguest, I've come to the conclusion that when he moves into his new place, he's either gonna have to pay somebody to clean his place or he's gonna live like a slob. I could be wrong of course and he could change his unbelievably untidy ways when he's in 'his own place', but somehow...I doubt it.
He thinks he should have the keys by the end of next week, so I'm mentally preparing myself for another 10 days at least.
Then I'll take each day as it comes.

He will be back soon, along with Krusty no doubt.
I'd better put some clothes on....and hide those bananas....and those pencils....and wipe all the mess up....

Tuesday, May 23

Sing.. us a song. A song to keep us warm.

So....a week ago today....

Radiohead have always been a favourite band of mine.
Over the years, their meandering and experimentation has lost them a lot of 'fans' along the way. The attraction of Pablo Honey, The Bends and Ok Computer drew them so many admirers and when they reached an almighty peak, they begun to experiment with computers, synchronized beats and bleeps in favour of guitar riffs and melancholy, which the critics hated and some of their fans just couldn't lend an ear to.
Such is the life and career of a band.

I used to listen to their meatier stuff when I was feeling low and almost felt like I needed to hear something to reflect my mood.
They never failed me and with that in mind, I've stuck with them through thick and thin.

Last Tuesday, I was lucky enough to see them in a venue, the size of which they probably haven't played in since they started to 'break'.
Along with about a thousand other people, I stood there in amongst the sticky floor and the sweaty bodies to watch a band who quite simply bring everything together when they play live, just like a band should do.

There isn't any way that I can describe the feeling you get when you're stood there with hundreds, sometimes thousands of other people, waiting for a band to come onstage.
The anticipation bubbles and festers inside. The atmosphere becomes ignited with each minute that passes while the roadies and soundcheckers scurry about the stage.

Then they disappear....
Then the lights go down....
Then the crowd goes wild....

Silhouettes appear onstage, taking their respective places....a few strums and final tune-ups....then they kick in with something that sends a 'wave' of euphoria through your body.

So multiply this indescribable by 100 and you're almost where I was last week.

Their setlist was great and quite different from the previous night. A great mix of older stuff, with some new songs played as if their lives depended on it. In fact, I noticed when they played the new stuff, the all looked like they were so, so much more 'into' the whole thing, but that's not to say that anything was lost when they belted out classics like "Karma Police", "Planet Telex" and "Street Spirit".
When Thom played "Exit Music (For a film)", I almost fell to my knees and blubbed like an emotional wreck. Somehow, I managed to keep myself together even when he sung those last few lines with such feeling and emotion. That whole song felt like he was singing it just for me. Amazing!

The new songs sound great and if I were to 'shelve' them somewhere, it would be a cross between Kid A and The Bends. The programming was there, the pumping drum beats were there, but so was the guitar riffs, the twisted lyrics and Thom's wonderful voice.

Two hours of pure bliss is the only was I can describe it. They all looked they really enjoyed playing the gig and knowing how Radiohead can be, this was so refreshing to see.
We were blessed with two encores; the first including an amazing version of "Lucky" which took my breath away. That guy can sing....
The final song was a lengthy version of "There There", with the two guitarists beating shit out the extra sets of drums on stage.

To say they played like a band should play is a huge understatement.
To say they bought all their beautiful noise together and delivered a perfect sound just doesn't do them justice.
To say everything about the gig surpassed my hopes and expectations is about as good as I can try to describe it.

It doesn't matter how hard I try to put down here how I felt about the gig, the words just fail me. I can't even say that I was disappointed that they didn't play some of my favourites, because everything they played was just....well, pretty damn perfect for the night.

It may well be a long time before I feel quite such a feeling as I did that night, but the memories are there and that's something that will never fail me.

They are headlining V Festival in August and even though it's on a hugely different scale, with something like 60 odd thousand people there, I will still be standing somewhere amongst all those people....losing myself in the moment that is Radiohead live.

Friday, May 19


I have loads to put down here, but I'm tired....

Radiohead on Tuesday night was everything I hoped it would be and so, so much more. More on this later, when I have the time and the inclination.

Big Brother looks like being a great show to watch this year. More on this when I have the energy.

I've not long come back from a leaving party.
The Sales Manager I used to work for at a different Dealership is leaving today. She's worked for the Company for over 10 years and is one of those people who everybody knows, everybody gets on with and everybody is sad to see leave.
She's stuck with working for the Company when she needn't have, to make sure her 3 kids have gone through University and managed to set themselves up with their own lives. Now, she's in a position where her and her husband can do what they want to do, without worrying about their kids.
She leaves with him on Sunday to travel the world for 18 months.
I'm unbelievably jealous, but also so happy for them both. This is what they have both worked for and when I hugged her an hour ago to wish her all the luck in the world, we both shed a little tear.

The rest of the people there....well, the majority of them, were pissed. It's great for me to be reminded just why I don't drink a lot, when I see them cavorting with each other, making fools of themselves and thinking how bad most of them will feel in the morning when they wake with hangovers....or in somebody's bed....or when they remember (if they can) the stupid things they said whilst under the influence.

Tonight, JB my Boss took me to one side to tell me that he was so proud of having me work for brilliant he thought I wonderful he thinks I am with my Customers....and how, after some thought, he has realised that I do deserve the £1000 bonus I should have got in February.
I've really struggled this year so far without that money....Without that bonus that I was told I was getting, but when it came to actually paying me, was then told that it "hadn't been taken into account" and wouldn't be getting it.
He's asked me to see him on Monday to remind him about it, so he can sort it out.
Of course, he was drunk, so I don't hold out much hope.

It was never about the money, it was always about the principal.

I have so much to get down here, but I'm tired....
And all I can think about is being with her tomorrow night.

Monday, May 15

I'm not being too dramatic, that's the way I've gotta have it.

Already, he's broken the door to one of the bedrooms.

The Blagger appears to leaving his mark in my place.
Doors are getting broken, the fridge is topped up with beer on a daily basis and the room he's sleeping in smells of feet!

What is it about guy's feet?
It doesn't seem to matter how clean you are, how many times you take extra time to wash your feet and change your socks regularly....if you're a guy, the law says you have to have smelly feet!
My dad's feet used to smell like somebody had just died. I can't understand how he could stand it himself, but maybe if you suffer with sweaty feet that smell similar to a block of cheese stuffed down a bag-lady's knickers, you're nose becomes immuned?

And hair....!
What is it about being a guy that means you have hair growing out of everything that has a crease in it? Shaving stubble from the face is bad enough, never mind about checking for unsightly hairs growing to seriously disturbing lengths from your nose or ears.

Anyway, I'm resisting the temptation to "blah" on and on about hair being in the wrong places again.

Did I mention that I have a girlfriend?
She's gorgeous.

So, Radiohead tomorrow night....Oh, I've already mentioned that, huh?


We have a 'dodgy' guy at work. The kind that offers you certain 'things' at discounted prices, yano.
Over the last couple of weeks, I appear to have parted with some money in exchange for some copy dvd's. Yeah, I'm bad I know. The laughable thing is that I don't ever sit down to watch a film on dvd anymore. I always seem to have something 10 times better to do. I put a dvd on when I'm up in my room, getting ready to drift off, but that's exactly what it is....something to fall asleep to.
It take me ages to watch a whole film. I switch the dvd player on when I get up there and flick through the scenes to find somewhere where I've seen before, without going too far ahead. It probably takes me the best part of a week to watch an entire film.
I've had the Catherine Tate dvd on up there for about 2 weeks!

I've got like, 20 cd covers to print out and Krusty has asked me for a copy of the new Pink CD.
Oh to be in demand.

I'm still loving the new Snow Patrol album. Recent audio love has also taken the shape of the Ciara album, Placebo, lots of Radiohead (obviously), Jewel's new cd, Morrissey's latest and some old skool Chicago House.

Sunday, May 14

Be a world child, form a circle before we all go under.

I may have saved somebody's life last night.
I may never know.

Whilst driving back here just before 1am, I took a different route and as I drove around a roundabout that goes over a motorway, I noticed a guy and a girl on the side of the road. Nothing unusual there, considering a few people would be walking around after being thrown out of various pubs and clubs at closing times, apart from the fact that the guy was on the wrong side of the barrier fencing. If he'd have taken one step backwards, he would have plummeted down onto the motorway beneath him.
The girl, as far as I could see, was holding onto his hand. I couldn't hear what they were saying or even if they were having some kind of argument or just messing about, but decided the right thing to do was to call the police.

Ok, so they might have just be goofing around, but on the other side of the coin, it could well have been a serious situation.
I called the police, gave them a brief description, the location, my details etc and left it at that. I did ask the guy on the phone if I should go back....just in case, to which he replied that it would be better not to. Just in case I antagonised or frightened him.
It made sense, so I continued my drive back here.

I have no idea if it was just two people messing around after 'one too many' or perhaps they were a couple who'd had an argument and he was being a silly twat.
Anyway....I did what I thought was best at the time.

The Blagger is out somewhere. I'm not even sure if he's coming back tonight, but I'm gonna act like a mistreated wife and meet him at the door with a frying pan if he comes back late and inform him the dinner is in the dog and he's sleeping on the couch tonight.
I can be such a bitch!

I think I may have mentioned that I'm going to see Radiohead play live on Tuesday night.
I've seen them a few times before and even though I would consider myself to be a 'medium sized' fan, they can be a little frustrating live.
Beth kindly informed me that their set was a good mixture, so that's a relief and I know that I'm living in dream land here, but this would be my ideal Radiohead live set-list:

  • Airbag
  • There there
  • National anthem
  • No surprises
  • The bends
  • My iron lung
  • Idioteque
  • Bullet proof (I wish I was)
  • Knives out
  • Wolf at the door
  • Paranoid android
  • Karma police
  • Sulk
  • Just
  • Pyramid song
  • True love waits
  • Street spirit


  • Fake plastic trees
  • How do disappear completely....
  • Tourist

    Obviously, they will be playing some new stuff in between, but I'd like to think that I turned down an offer of 200 quid for my ticket for the good reason that they will play a blinding set.

    There may be tears....
    There may be some uncontrollable erections....
    There may even be some moistness.....
    But amongst everything else....there will be me closing my eyes, losing myself completely in the moment and mentally repeating to myself just how much I really do love this band.

    The bedshaped jukebox has been updated. No prizes for guessing who's on there.
  • Friday, May 12

    I sang your song, I danced your dance....

    I left her a message....

    I hope she finds it.

    Wednesday, May 10

    I wanna stand with you on a mountain. I wanna bathe with you in the sea.

    Somehow....The Blagger appears to have pulled off the impossible and moved 90% of his stuff into my place within a few hours.
    He's staying at Krusty's place tonight, so that means I have the place to myself, which in turn means I can chill out, play some great songs at a decent volume 'cos I don't have to have a conversation with anybody and if the mood takes me....have a marathon wanking session!

    Several times today, I have used the word "girlfriend".
    It feels kinda weird to used that word without putting an "ex" in front of it. But the weirdness is totally outweighed by the nice feeling of being able to smile and talk about a girl in the same breath.

    I have been taken completely by surprise by a girl, who has not only sneaked in under my normally 'sound' defenses, but also given me hope.
    And hope is a good thing, right?
    I'm feeling things that have lay dormant for such a long time, but not only that....I'm also feeling things that I've never felt before. There is a strange mixture of fear and excitement, with each day adding more ingredients to the melting pot.
    I think she may possibly be as apprehensive as I am at times, but that's down to having history that has taught us both to "look before you leap".

    Still....I'm finding her completely addictive.

    What's all the fuss about The Davinci Code then?
    I know about all the controversy over the book, but I wonder sometimes if these people who oppose it realise that the more they are vocal about their feelings, the more promotion it's doing for the book and the film.
    There seems to a mix of good and bad when it comes down to the book, something which I might get round to buying one day, but the movie looks really interesting from the trailor, so I'm definitely gonna get round to watching that.

    The countdown is on for Radiohead next week. Yep, next Tuesday I will be watching one of the most amazing bands of our time play live.
    I may get moist!

    How good is the new Keane song!
    I hear U2, Doves and Starsailor all wrapped up a package that delivers the kinda sound that even on first listen, it feels like you already know the song.

    And what the fuck is going on with Snow Patrol?
    Ok, so the new album rocks and in my opinion even more so than the previous one, but come on....touring arena size venues!!! Come on dudes, I'm not saying you can't fill those places, but where's the medium size gigs?

    And apparently, I don't dribble when I'm asleep.
    Go me!

    Tuesday, May 9

    Ooh La La Laa, it's the way that we rock when we're doing our thing.

    Today has been a real struggle at work.

    But moaning about working a crappy job doesn't size up against people in tougher situations than me.

    I had a case of 'reality'.
    Well, sort of.

    The Blagger is moving in with me over the next few days, for what he says will be "a couple of weeks".
    My interpretation of that is more like 5 or 6.

    Yes, there will be rules!

    This place may become a little barren while he is here, which is crap 'cos I have so much to get out.

    I've had enough today and will enjoy wallowing in my own self pity.
    There is no sympathy required, just a smile.

    Move along, there's nothing to see here.

    Monday, May 8

    There goes my last temptation. She moves with a sweet consideration.

    She is like a mirror to me.....

    Wednesday, May 3

    Please just save me from this darkness. Please just save me from this darkness.

    Last night I dreamt about when I was a kid.
    I wouldn't say it was a nightmare, but on reflection, it's not the kind of dream that gives anything close to a smile when I think back upon it.

    I can't say I had the happiest of upbringing. My parents obviously loved me, but in a way that I could never understand.
    Thinking back, I don't think I can ever remember a time when either of them told me that they loved me. It wasn't something that bothered me, in fact, I didn't know any different until I befriended a kid when we moved back to the UK from South Africa.

    I would always call for him on the way to school and he was never, ever ready. There would always be the same routine of me being let in by his mum and then led into the kitchen, where I would sit while they shoveled down their cornflakes. They would all be sitting around the table in their sleeping gear, my friend, his younger brother and his mum. I just didn't get the whole 'eating breakfast together' scenario as it was so alien to me.
    When my brother and I got up for school, we were never allowed downstairs unless we were dressed. That was the family rule! If we wanted any breakfast then we had to make it ourselves because my dad was usually rushing out the door on his way to work and my mum was far too busy getting herself ready, doing her hair, her make up etc, to make us anything. If we didn't make anything for ourselves, then we would simply go without.

    Sometimes at my friends house, his mum would make me some breakfast. She would ask if I'd already had something, quoting the old "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" thingy.
    When they were dressed, my friend, his brother and I would prepare to walk to school, which was no more than 5 minutes away. But they would never get out of the house without a kiss from their mum and a "Love you". They would always scoff at their mother's remarks, as kids of that age often do, but secretly, I was always jealous of having somebody say that.

    The only time I can remember my mum saying anything about me or my brother being loved, was when she was explaining why we would get physically punished by my dad. She would say that he only did it because he loved us and wanted us to grow up in the 'right way'.

    My folks seem to live by routine and this was nothing different. There would be minor differences, but the general course of action would follow a familiar pattern that would eventually have me living in almost fear of them, especially my dad.

    The main trouble maker would be my brother, but he was nothing more than a kid who got into a few scrapes. A typical boy.... doing boy things. I wasn't so innocent, but as Pandy was older than me, I think I must have been growing up, learning from his mistakes as well as my own.
    When something went wrong, the routine kicked in. This would involve what my parents came to call ' a family meeting'.
    We had many of these.
    This 'meeting' would consist of my mum asking all the questions, doing all the pointing and making all the judgments. My dad would be there, but would say nothing. It was basically an 'own up to it' or face the consequences dilemma.
    Owning up to something would mean punishment....physical punishment, coupled with either being grounded or priviledges taken away for a certain time, such as pocket money, or both....or all three.
    If the grilling from my mum resulted in no admission from either of us, then my brother and I would be sent up to our rooms to await the punishment. This would be in the form of my dad beating us with....well....anything that was within his reach.
    I would always be the first to be 'dealt with'. Not for any other reason other than my bedroom was the nearest one to the top of the stairs.
    In that house we lived in, I knew every creak of the stairs. From the sound of my dad's footsteps and the noises from those stairs, I could tell exactly how close he was from my bedroom door. Those sounds alone were enough to make me shiver and quake with fear.
    His weapon of choice was his shoe, his slipper, his leather belt, books, toys, anything that would deliver the message that they wanted to drive home, which was basically that bad kids get punished.

    I can't remember how long these beatings went on for, but for me as a kid, they felt like forever.
    And once again, the routine would kick in. With every stroke, he would ask for an admission of guilt and when it wasn't forthcoming, he would carry on. With each strike, his face would get redder and his questioning of who did whatever would get more and more determined. I don't know how he knew when to stop, but I was always thankful that he finally realised that I wasn't to blame.
    But with the relief that came from no more beatings for me, also came the terrible sound of hearing my brother cry with pain as he received the same treatment as I'd just endured.
    It was awful hearing him sob.
    It was almost unbearable hearing the sound of whatever my dad used striking his bare arse.

    Most of the time it was Pandy who had done 'whatever' had been done, but that didn't make him any worse than any other kid growing up. It's all part of growing up, it's what kids do.
    It go to a point where I would admit to doing things and take my dad's fierce, raging punishment, just to save myself from hearing my brothers squeals.

    When I left home at 17, I walked out of their front door with the last of my things and vowed to myself that I wouldn't be anything like they were as parents to me.

    This dream I had, bought a lot of it back. But now, as an adult, I see things in a different perspective. I could never condone what they did to me and my brother as children under their roof.
    And even though my childhood wasn't anything to write home about, I feel like I'm a better person for having suffered under such a strict ruling because I can see exactly the type of person I would never want to become.

    Monday, May 1

    If I lay here. If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?

    Today has been a typical Bank Holiday day at work.

    We only open 10 'til 4, but even though that's drastically short of our normal 11 hours being open, we always seem to get 10 times the dickheads in!
    Usually, the first couple of hours is answering the phones.
    Here's how it usually goes:

    *ring ring*
    bedshaped "Hello (insert company name greeting here), how can I help?"
    dickhead "Oh, You are open then!"
    bedshaped "Yes we are, but only until...."
    Cue "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" kinda noise signifying that the dickhead has now hung up.


    *ring ring*
    bedshaped "Hello (insert Company Name greeting here)...."
    Cue "brrrrrrrrrrrr" kinda noise indicating that the dickhead has now hung up.

    The dickheads Customers who actually do turn up all appear to have read some information leaflet about "asking stupid questions".

    guy "I'm not thinking of changing my car until march next year, but how much will my car be worth, just so I can get an idea"

    guy "I've got this advertisement from you guys saying you can sell 'such and such' car for a only £7965, April only",
    bedshaped "That's right, we could. Unfortunately, we can't do that deal anymore, hence we stressed the April only"
    guy "Of course you can."
    bedshaped "I'm sorry, no we can't"
    guy "Right, what's the Sales Manager's name because this is ridiculous"
    bedshaped *Sigh*

    guy "Why is the 5 door model more expensive that the 3 door model?"

    guy "Yes, I'm going to buy a car today. How much is my part exchange worth"
    bedshaped "Right Sir, let me get some details about it and then I'll need to go and take a look at it, start the engine, you know...."
    guy "Oh, it's not here. It's at home, I've come in the wife's car"
    bedshaped "Rrrrrrright. Well, we can't realistically value your car without seeing it, Sir. That's about as accurate as valuing somebody house without seeing it.
    guy "How ridiculous. Of course you can"
    bedshaped "You want me to guess how much your car's worth?"
    guy "Are you trying to be funny?"

    There are far too many to list, but needless to say, if nothing else, the influx of dickheads sure makes the day go quicker.

    I've got hold of the new cd by Snow Patrol this evening.
    I loved the last album to bits and along with everybody else in the same position, I've been looking forward to the new stuff so much. Of course there's the stigma attached that following up such a good album is out of most bands reach. That the pressure from their record company and their fans will overthrow their creativity and instead of delivering a worthy follow up, they instead release something that's nothing more than "just ok".
    Of course, everybody has their own opinion and there's nothing to say some people who loved the previous album in all its glorious deliverance of "Run", "Chocolate" and "Wow" wont like the new album.
    Me....I love it!

    Just listen to this and tell me that that isn't a great song!

    The rest of the cd is just as good. No, seriously!
    Anyway, enough of my musical nerdiness.

    In fact, no....Listen to this as well.
    Now listen to it again, following what he's singing about.
    How sad is that song....

    Ok, I'll shut up now.