Tuesday, June 29

Kind of buzz that lasts for days, had some help from insect ways. Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy.

There's always a way.
When you need something positive to focus on, it's always good to remind yourself that things could be so much worse. That's your starting block, you can dig your heel right in. It's the extra rung on the ladder, the kick up the arse, your second wind.
My dad's been really ill. After his operation, he returned home just four days later in quite obvious pain and discomfort. For the following three weeks, calls to the hospital and visits to his local GP were an every other day occurrence. He needed help with everything and it really took it's toll on my mum. Thankfully, he's much more on the mend now. A huge weight seems to be have been lifted. Those dark clouds hanging over the house are clearing up.

Now all that's over, I can concentrate on myself again for a while.
I've changed my job, again. Same thing, just....different. It's ok.

Onward, forwards, up and away.
Never look back, it ain't worth it.