Friday, January 27

So what's the fuss?

Celebrity Big Brother is now over, so maybe I can get some free time back again.
I must admit, I don't get into the celebrity version as much as the original show but I still can't help being sucked into the whole voyeur thing.
And how ironic that the winner was a girl who entered the house as a nobody and just by being inside adorned the status of 'celebrity'.

It is time to get, it is time to get random:
  • The finance demons are barking at my door and I'm having trouble keeping them at bay.
  • I really, really wanna see The Arcade Fire play live.
  • Work is worryingly quiet and I'm not earning enough money to fight back the 1st point above.
  • I haven't smoked anything since coming back from Amsterdam.
  • I really, really like Dutch people!
  • The Walkmen, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam and Kelis have been playing in my car all week.
  • What the fuck is it with Asda selling wedding dresses for £60?
  • My fridge resembles a ghost town, so much so that each time I open the door, a tumbleweed blows past.
  • The open auditions to Big Brother in my area are mid February. I have already booked the day off work...yano...just in case.
  • I'm fully aware that I have said nothing about my weekend trip to Amsterdam, but that will time.
  • There are lots of blogs that I visit daily that I haven't got listed or linked on here. This is something that I hope will be rectified soon.
  • I'm quite excited about the new Pirates of the Caribbean movies mainly because of Johnny Depp being such a horn magnet!
  • I'm making an effort to not swear on my blog so much....Shit!
  • You can't completely trust anybody, except yourself.

    And on that note, it's time for me to hit the sack and fall asleep watching the first series of Lost on DVD.

    The weekend is officially here...enjoy it everyone!

  • Tuesday, January 24

    Turn every shadow to a new paradise.

    Is it possible to return
    with so much more than just a feint memory?
    There seems so little point for the question mark
    in such a statement.

    If I don't feel a hundred times better
    then going in the first place was pointless.

    There was a point to me going.
    There is a purpose for me to continue.

    My once sleepy eyes, barely breaking the dawn
    have once again been opened into a sunset.

    Amsterdam January 2006

    Hotel room, circa 3.30am Sunday morning

    (Side note) The creases are supposed to be in that top!

    Monday, January 2

    Open the window to lift into our dreams.

    Dear 2006,
    I'd quite like to get through a lot of my studies this year.
    Last year, I kinda sunk myself into getting this place. So now the majority of that part is done and dusted, I'd quite like my motivation to come back from it's vacation and help me along a little.
    I'd also appreciate a helping hand with getting my finances sorted as well. I know I earn enough money, it's just the 'which money goes where' kinda thing that confuses me at times.
    Oh....and if you could shape my life so that I meet a girl who doesn't fuck me over, that would be welcomed with open arms.

    Dear 2007,
    What the fuck happened there?

    Fondest regards,
    bedshaped x

    Sunday, January 1

    Maybe I'm amazed at the way I hold on tight to those dreams.

    So I sit here, with a glass of cheap shitty wine, welcoming these next 12 months of my life.

    The journey continues.