Saturday, February 27

And all those used up cliches....well, they've worn off in the wind.

It's quite strange to think that the guy downstairs, who I can have a really cool conversation with, is the same guy who used to beat the shit out of me when I was a child; with a slipper, a stick, his belt or whatever else was within arms reach.
The pain that he inflicted upon me was soon forgotten. Broken and bruised skin heals.
And even though the mental scars will never heal, he tought me one of the most important lessons of my life; how not to be a parent.

Tuesday, February 23

Dull residue of what once was. A shattered cloud of swirling doves.

When somebody says, "My life is a bit complicated....It's far from straight forward at the moment", what does that mean?
I think I get to find out later.

Saturday, February 20

Everybody's got opinions, dear. Their own versions of a good idea.

She needs a little help.
I can help.
It's a 250 mile round trip.
Worth the travel time to help out a friend I barely know?
Fuck yeah.

She needs a little help.
I can help.
It feels really good.

Tuesday, February 16

And angels with their great handshakes were always done in such a hurry.

On Friday, my Dad has to have a camera shoved up his arse.

No, seriously.