Monday, July 29

Excuse me for a while. Turn a blind eye, with a stare caught right in the middle. Have you wondered for a while? I have a feeling deep down you’re caught in the middle.

I've just subscribed to Q Magazine again.
I cancelled it a few years ago, whilst I was really struggling with money, and I never renewed it because I felt like it was a luxury I could afford to be without.
I can't even begin to express how good I'm feeling right now, being in a better position to be able to afford myself one small luxury.

I know it wont last for much longer, since they screwed us all over by changing the pay plan. But whilst we're a man down, and the other guy is so pissed off that he's all but given up trying, I'm taking advantage to mop up while I still can. When they fill the vacant desk, and if the other guy sorts himself out or gets replaced, things will change. Pffffft,. I'm gonna have to seriously consider moving jobs again.

Last night I booked a couple of holidays at work. The first one starts next week. Much as I'd like a proper rest, the bathroom isn't gonna finish itself.
A few weeks ago, I decided it was a good idea to strip the bathroom out. With the bath, vanity until, shower and sink out, I could have a better look at how all the pipe-work was set out. And what a fucking mess. There was a boxed section next to the vanity unit. All the wall tiles came off pretty easily, and that boxed section was covering up a mass of dead-leg pipework. To top it off, I stripped ceiling tiles off the ceiling, to see if the original ceiling was workable. It wasn't. The ceiling tiles had been glued to the original ceiling to cover up a small leak from the shower in the en-suite above. Only a small leak, but enough to have destroyed the original ceiling over time. So, I ripped the ceiling out too.
My bathroom is a mess. It's been a mess for a few weeks now.

Hopefully, in just over two weeks time, my bathroom will be finished.