Monday, May 15

I'm not being too dramatic, that's the way I've gotta have it.

Already, he's broken the door to one of the bedrooms.

The Blagger appears to leaving his mark in my place.
Doors are getting broken, the fridge is topped up with beer on a daily basis and the room he's sleeping in smells of feet!

What is it about guy's feet?
It doesn't seem to matter how clean you are, how many times you take extra time to wash your feet and change your socks regularly....if you're a guy, the law says you have to have smelly feet!
My dad's feet used to smell like somebody had just died. I can't understand how he could stand it himself, but maybe if you suffer with sweaty feet that smell similar to a block of cheese stuffed down a bag-lady's knickers, you're nose becomes immuned?

And hair....!
What is it about being a guy that means you have hair growing out of everything that has a crease in it? Shaving stubble from the face is bad enough, never mind about checking for unsightly hairs growing to seriously disturbing lengths from your nose or ears.

Anyway, I'm resisting the temptation to "blah" on and on about hair being in the wrong places again.

Did I mention that I have a girlfriend?
She's gorgeous.

So, Radiohead tomorrow night....Oh, I've already mentioned that, huh?


We have a 'dodgy' guy at work. The kind that offers you certain 'things' at discounted prices, yano.
Over the last couple of weeks, I appear to have parted with some money in exchange for some copy dvd's. Yeah, I'm bad I know. The laughable thing is that I don't ever sit down to watch a film on dvd anymore. I always seem to have something 10 times better to do. I put a dvd on when I'm up in my room, getting ready to drift off, but that's exactly what it is....something to fall asleep to.
It take me ages to watch a whole film. I switch the dvd player on when I get up there and flick through the scenes to find somewhere where I've seen before, without going too far ahead. It probably takes me the best part of a week to watch an entire film.
I've had the Catherine Tate dvd on up there for about 2 weeks!

I've got like, 20 cd covers to print out and Krusty has asked me for a copy of the new Pink CD.
Oh to be in demand.

I'm still loving the new Snow Patrol album. Recent audio love has also taken the shape of the Ciara album, Placebo, lots of Radiohead (obviously), Jewel's new cd, Morrissey's latest and some old skool Chicago House.

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