Sunday, May 14

Be a world child, form a circle before we all go under.

I may have saved somebody's life last night.
I may never know.

Whilst driving back here just before 1am, I took a different route and as I drove around a roundabout that goes over a motorway, I noticed a guy and a girl on the side of the road. Nothing unusual there, considering a few people would be walking around after being thrown out of various pubs and clubs at closing times, apart from the fact that the guy was on the wrong side of the barrier fencing. If he'd have taken one step backwards, he would have plummeted down onto the motorway beneath him.
The girl, as far as I could see, was holding onto his hand. I couldn't hear what they were saying or even if they were having some kind of argument or just messing about, but decided the right thing to do was to call the police.

Ok, so they might have just be goofing around, but on the other side of the coin, it could well have been a serious situation.
I called the police, gave them a brief description, the location, my details etc and left it at that. I did ask the guy on the phone if I should go back....just in case, to which he replied that it would be better not to. Just in case I antagonised or frightened him.
It made sense, so I continued my drive back here.

I have no idea if it was just two people messing around after 'one too many' or perhaps they were a couple who'd had an argument and he was being a silly twat.
Anyway....I did what I thought was best at the time.

The Blagger is out somewhere. I'm not even sure if he's coming back tonight, but I'm gonna act like a mistreated wife and meet him at the door with a frying pan if he comes back late and inform him the dinner is in the dog and he's sleeping on the couch tonight.
I can be such a bitch!

I think I may have mentioned that I'm going to see Radiohead play live on Tuesday night.
I've seen them a few times before and even though I would consider myself to be a 'medium sized' fan, they can be a little frustrating live.
Beth kindly informed me that their set was a good mixture, so that's a relief and I know that I'm living in dream land here, but this would be my ideal Radiohead live set-list:

  • Airbag
  • There there
  • National anthem
  • No surprises
  • The bends
  • My iron lung
  • Idioteque
  • Bullet proof (I wish I was)
  • Knives out
  • Wolf at the door
  • Paranoid android
  • Karma police
  • Sulk
  • Just
  • Pyramid song
  • True love waits
  • Street spirit


  • Fake plastic trees
  • How do disappear completely....
  • Tourist

    Obviously, they will be playing some new stuff in between, but I'd like to think that I turned down an offer of 200 quid for my ticket for the good reason that they will play a blinding set.

    There may be tears....
    There may be some uncontrollable erections....
    There may even be some moistness.....
    But amongst everything else....there will be me closing my eyes, losing myself completely in the moment and mentally repeating to myself just how much I really do love this band.

    The bedshaped jukebox has been updated. No prizes for guessing who's on there.
  • 3 parlez:

    Joe said...

    They are such teases. The album won't be out until next year now, but we have a Thom Yorke solo album out in the summer to fill the gap.

    I'm so jealous of you all, roll ob V!

    H said...

    I am gutted somehow I missed that they were playing and so I have no tickets.DAMN DAMN DAMN

    bedshaped said...

    The solo album sounds interesting from Thom's description.
    Don't worry, I wont bang on about the gig after the event....much.

    There will undoubtedly be a decent sized post after the gig....don't tell joe though!