Monday, May 29

It's morning time....I wonder if the sun has risen where you are.

It's been an amazing weekend.

There were conversations about the average bust size, some guy who's name rhymes with Carlsberg, the hottest girl from Star Trek (seriously, don't ask), the Top Gun movie soundtrack, Magnum PI, how much money you don't save at Makro, the lost X Men 2 dvd, fluffy marshmallows, Big Brother, relationships, a sister I didn't know about, crap garlic bread with cheese, Google search results, Scary Movie 2, Epilady's that are quite frankly....crap, bloggers who disappear, my almost setting my jeans on fire, smelly feet, plucking eyebrows, the advantages of buying unofficial gear from the cheap guys outside of events, a picture of my bath and some other things....

I miss her.
Le sigh.

I only have work tomorrow, then I'm off for a few days. This will be a great time to get some decent rest, chill out and have some 'me time'.

I'm not sure how I feel tonight. The house is empty, but The Blagger will be back soon, when the pubs chuck him and Krusty out. He has to vacate for a few days midweek and even though he's a slob, I love having him around and I'll miss him when he's gone for good and the house is empty, all but me once again.
Living alone is great, but there are many times when it's just nice to hear another voice around.
It's much harder than a lot of people think.
It's much harder than I ever realised.

2 new people have gone into the Big Brother house.
This will be interesting!
I realise that I'm a pathetic person for getting excited about a reality TV program, but considering I don't normally watch any TV, I figure it's ok for me to get so 'into' a TV program that runs for 13 weeks.

I think I'm gonna have a smoke....and a drink....and then hit the sack.

"This bed's too big without you,
Oh God, what do I do?
I'm a thousand miles away
and I'm lying next to you."

2 parlez:

Chloe said...

i hope you are not 1000 miles away from the Girl. and if you are,i hope you can find a shortcut. :)

surly girl said...

hang on, you have a girlfriend?

blimey, i have been away.

i came back though. see?