Wednesday, June 6

Sick of the dark ways, we march to the drumming. Jump when they tell us, they want to see jumping.

I have £7 in my bank account and I'm not afraid to use it!
However, since that money isn't going to cover my current crisis that's called a broken car then....then it's just become a shitty end to yet another day in the life of.

Two letters were waiting for me when I got back in tonight. One from my Mortgage Company, stating that 'the special rate you've been paying on your Mortgage has now come to an end...." and consequently my payments are going to increase by....wait for it....£230 a month.
Ironically (or perhaps by some more scheming nature) the second letter was from the same Company offering "An exclusive offer of a loan for home owners with said Mortgage Company"
Fucking piss takers!

It really is the root of all evil.

In other news, Spiderman 3 is a pile of old smelly pants. What were they thinking!

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Lena said...

Chin up - I have many similar days, also! And Pirates 3 was shitty pants too!

bedshaped said...

Pirates 3 is also shit?
Oh great.

Cat said...

I moved my mortgage to ING Direct earlier this year. Even though I borrowed an extra £5,000 to pay off my student loan, and kept the term the same, it was still £20 a month less than I was paying with the RBS. Might be worth a look?