Wednesday, June 27

Am I more than you bargained for yet? I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear, cos that's just who I am this week.

Against my better judgement....

I find it very odd to think that this blog was never started with the intention of writing for 'readers'. Although, obviously blogs being blogs, a certain readership takes form. Yet now, I am writing something with the sole intention of it being read by other people.
It feels very odd. To the point that this will be the one and only time I ask for any readers here for 2 minutes of their time.

A very brief explanation follows:
I am in the Big Blogger house. It's a blog site set up to mirror the Big Brother concept, where 15 odd 'housemates' (bloggers) are supposedly in a virtual blog house. There are certain rules to follow and we have 'tasks' to complete twice a week and during that time a poll is taken to evict a housemate, or two. By the end there will be 1 left, able to don the moniker of Big Blogger 2007.

Apart from one other blogger, Joe, I am the least known of them all. So far it's been polls to vote people out. This week, it's a vote to keep people in. I seem to have to survived the voting out part of it, but this week, it calls for people to keep you in. That's a whole different kettle of fish.

I would ask anybody who stumbles across my little venting space to take 10 seconds to click on the Big Blogger picture below, look for the voting poll on the right hand side, selecting 'bedshaped' and clicking vote.
I would really appreciate some help and am kinda hoping that being the underdog doesn't mean I get evicted because I quite simply didn't ask for help.

This is what the poll looks like:

Click the logo below to spread a little love:

Big Blogger 2007

Thank you, whoever you are .

12 parlez:

Jo said...

Dear bedshaped, I did.

bedshaped said...

Thanks jo.

Mr. X said...

Well, we would have done so if we hadn't already voted for Angela.


bedshaped said...

Well, it's the thought that counts mr.x so thanks anyway.
Of course angelalala's ass is much nicer than mine, so I understand.

Beth said...

I already did it, because Delboy's Daughter asked me to.

Cat said...

Noooo - vote for me!

Anonymous said...

I voted for you. Hope it helps. The girls are pretty much all annoying and a lot of the guys too so good luck.

NML said...

I just found out that you are in the BB house so I'll have to follow the shenanigans now. I'm sure you'll win! x

bedshaped said...

Thanks to everybody that voted to keep me in the BB house.
Somehow....amazingly....I am still in there. A mere 2 votes did the job. It's just so horrible seeing such a nice person get chucked out because of me though.
Sorry o.g.

Chloe said...

this week we are voting to evict again. so i didn't vote for you, obviously!

bedshaped said...

Thanks chloe.

Clare said...

I hate the popularity-contest aspect of it, which is bloody stupid of me when you think about it, seeing as the whole thing is not much more than a popularity contest. I am trying very-very hard not to think about people thinking about not liking me (ref the anonymous comment above), if that makes any sense.

You are definitely one of my favourites, mr bedshaped, and I have been particularly loving your diary posts this last week.

Oh dear, I am struggling with this Monday morning - nice to have the distraction of visiting my fellow housemates' blogs.