Wednesday, June 20

And I am so very tired of doing the right thing. Dear God, please help me.

Even something as simple as buttering bread is pissing me off lately. The bread keeps tearing.

I don't know if it's down to the quality of the bread, if the butter is too hard from being in the fridge or if I'm being a little heavy handed with the knife.

I think I must be due on.


4 parlez:

Jen said...

Stale, stiff bread. Butter soft, and therefore spreadable, due to no electricity in fridge. Yuk-curing penicillin growing on both due to poverty.

Due on? Are you really? Try throwing the butter at someone's head. Postman will do.

Better? Thought so. Yep, you're probably hormonal. I recommend something stiff. Like bread.

Cat said...

Can I offer you some chocolate?

(The Angry Mob - Kaiser Chiefs)

treacle said...

Good choices Cat - you can come round when I am PMTing too.

Bedshaped: it'll pass, it always does at least you can still make a decision. I've lost that power for the next few days!

phx said...

...every time you come around
You batter my defenses down
But so gently
Like some sweet hypnosis
And the world just slips away
I'm drowning

...And then I look into your eyes
And something melts
I shake inside
And cool water
Washes me all over
Washes me away
And still I'm drowning

I listened to this album today (Joe Jackson: Laughter and Lust) and this song always reminds me of you, and The Girl. Don't know if it's because you are from the UK, too, or what, but there you have it.