Monday, June 18

So get off your ass and come down here, 'Cause rock 'n' roll ain't no riddle man. To me it makes good, good sense.

The weekend was great.
I spent it with The Girl, how couldn't it be great.

I can't even begin to express how good it feels when we finish a job. It's unbelievable to think that 6 months ago, I wouldn't have had a clue where to begin.
And yet, here I am being able to....

Change this

To this

Change this

To this

And change this

To this

I've spent most of today trying to make some sense of my desperate financial situation. I must have lost 3 hours browsing through the message boards on, but it's certainly made me feel a whole lot better about myself. That sounds like a horrible thing to say, but seeing that I'm not up the creek quite as much as many other people, somehow I feel a lot better. Damn, it still sounds horrible. There are people in much worse money situations than I am, so I'm grateful for not being as bad as I thought I was.
That's the best I can do, especially after a schmoke.
"Schmoke and a pancake?"
"Shigar and a waffle?"

So even though I've not actually done anything about my financial situation, I appear to have several plans formulating in my head. My mood is lifted, although I could put that down to having AC/DC blasting in the room. Oh how I love my deaf neighbours!

The Big Blogger house is quiet. I thought it would be much more interactive than it's turned out to be, so far anyway. Perhaps it's down to us....perhaps we are crap housemates? I'm gonna try and be a little more 'active' in there.
So anybody who strolls by here, please spare just a few minutes to pop over to Big Blogger 2007 and enjoy the moments of 13 bloggers (12 of them dead popular) stuck in a virtual house a la Big Brother. Enjoy the wit of Big Blogger himself, all the action in The Diary Room and if you get chance....and the inclination, would you mind voting somebody out of the house on the poll.

10 parlez:

Cat said...

Oooh, do you want to come round my place and do me a homer? I'd love a nice new bathroom, especially with a freestanding bath with claw feet. Shame my bathroom's not very big, although I'm willing to sacrifice the living room if it means I can watch telly while lolling in the tub...

And "crap housemates"? Speak for yourself, my friend!

(House of Fun - Madness)

Jen said...

Could you formulate some money-making ideas for me too please? I currently have £1.21 in my purse, £1,49 in my bank account. Credit card up to limit. No petrol in car. Two kids and a dog to feed.

Sigh. Poverty is soooo not character-building :(

I recommend fluff and Marmite.

treacle said...

Mate - what you do is awesome. Good on you.

Misty said...

Good job on the bathroom!

And I hope your money worries sort themselves out - been there, and worn the frankly horrible t-shirt. Moneysavingexpert is a great site for inspiration, or pure thankfulness as you say, that you are not as badly off as some unfortunate individuals!

bedshaped said...

I fear the travel expenses may put your new bathroom over budget!

I'm afraid my emergency money making scheme didn't work because I got laughed at when I dropped my jeans.

Thank you kindly!

I've picked up lots of good practical advice from the message boards. It's great to see so many supportive people.

furtive said...


do you want me to go rip it up? :)

Beth said...

Now there are some useful skills.

Do you do the tiling and everything....?

bedshaped said...

All our own work beth, yes.

Beth said...

hmmm, lovely....i like bathrooms....and tiling...

Mr. X said...

Nice work! We can never be bothered to finish a thing, nice to see there are some people who can make a good job of it!
We would lend you a tenner, but it's time to pay for the coach pass...eeekk!