Monday, June 11

But trying to be someone else was harder than it seemed. And somehow I got caught up in between .

My car is fixed.
Well, sort of. The guy who did it for me said that the underneath of the car is reminiscent of a Tobe Hooper movie. A mess. It worked well enough to get me through the 90 miles to see The Girl, but it's now developed some strange creaking noises. I think it's just a matter of time.
Poor piece of shit.

I about to embark on watching the 3rd season of Lost. I completely missed it the first time around, so I've been catching up....slowly. I must say I'm really enjoying it so far and it's a good 'filler' for when Heroes comes back on.
I want the 2nd Season of Skins to come on soon as well. I loved the first season and thought the soundtrack was genius.

I must be the worst neighbour in the world. I can't stop playing the new Linkin Park album, at considerable volume. I can feel a review coming on, over here.

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