Thursday, November 10

It's unfortunate that when we feel a storm, we can roll ourselves over when we're uncomfortable.

I applied for a new job today.
I've read through the job description and I'm totally confident that I could not only do the job, but do it well and really enjoy the challenge.
The job descriptions from the company I work for, are very detailed. The last page gives an over-view of the type of person they're looking for, then goes on to list current positions within the company where this new position would be considered a promotion. All those current positions are quite a way above my head as it is. And I think I might fall a little short on the experience they're looking for. But fuck it, I've applied anyway.

2 parlez:

treacle said...

Good Luck! When do you hear back?

bedshaped said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes, treacle. I'm expecting a letter in the post any day now.