Monday, November 14

And you can tell the world that you're tired. But your excuses, they won't work. 'Cos I'll know that you're lying.

So, this afternoon, while I'm sat in a stuffy office telling my boss that I've applied for this (quite considerably out of my league) position, my mobile rings. I muted it and continued our conversation; we were at the part where he 'wished me good luck', whilst wearing a slight sneer. I got bleeped for a new voicemail; it was from the girl in HR where I'd sent my CV, asking me if I could contact her to arrange an interview day and time, her preference being next Monday.
What were the chance of that happening!

 I already know my boss will play a face about me wanting an extra day off next week.
This is gonna be interesting.

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Jen said...

Sounds like serendipity to me. Knock 'em dead. I have the utmost faith in you so sod what your current boss says. He's history! X