Friday, October 7

See I could do without a tan, on my left hand, where my forth finger meets my knuckle. And I should run you a hot bath, and fill it up with bubbles.

My niece gets married on Sunday.
It's become a weird date, by coincidence.
9.10.11  12:00

My brother's daughter. My sad eyes have always seen her as the daughter I never had.
She seems to have a great connection with her guy, and I truly hope that getting married doesn't change any of that.
I have such a terrible opinion of marriage.

I've just noticed that I opened with "...gets married", instead of " getting married". Like I've presumed it will happen. As have all the other guests, I suppose.
It would be so cool if she did a runner.

3 parlez:

Flash said...

Marraige? Pah!

Just wanted to very belatedly say that I very much appreciated your thoughts on my last album. Should've said so at the the time but right now I'm drunk & trying to redress the balance. Genuinely; thank you mate.

Sharon said...

So how did the wedding go? Did she do a runner?

bedshaped said...

You're welcome, Flash. Nice to see you're still around.

Sharon, alas....she didn't. It was a lovely wedding, I have to admit.