Friday, August 19

Yeah, you make me feel, "do do doo". And I don't why.

For the umpteenth year, I bought tickets for VFestival.

Last week, I had to make a tough decision:
Do I go; which means having to buy most of my camping equipment again (since once again, I donated my tent, airbed and sleeping bags to charity) and having to find a lot of 'dollar'. All in all, I estimated £300 was about right.
Do I sell my tickets, because with everything else going on (specifically the very expensive court case), I simply don't have any spare money, never mind that sort of spare money.

In the end, it was looking at the line-up that sealed it. Thinking who I would and wouldn't wanna see. Sure, there are a few artists that gave me excited bubbles at the anticipation, but there are also a lot who just made me think, "Meh".

Over the next four days, I shall be partaking in a smoke (something I haven't done for a long time!) and  raising a glass to all the festival goers who are gonna have a fantastic weekend. Particularly some friends of ours, who thought they'd missed out on going this year because they couldn't get tickets. You will see some great live music, you will see some crazy things, you will experience something that is quite unique, and you will want to return again and again and again. I hope the weather stays fine for you all!

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