Saturday, August 13

Only just getting to know you. Running the flag up to claim it. Acted like I was you saviour. The shepherd instead of the lamb.

Fucking things up seems to be my forte.
Although, I'm unbelievably critical and that in itself lends a nail in the coffin when perhaps it ain't necessarily so.

Well over two years has passed since I fucked my life up, and still it haunts me. Even though I don't ever think about the 'what ifs' or wish I could turn back time; because it has ultimately made me a better person, it doesn't stop me wondering why I couldn't have been better person back then.
I often feel shitty about the people I have hurt in the past, even though a lot of it felt completely out of my control.

I have a bottle of really nice red wine....and a shitty bottle of cheap lemonade. And that pretty much sums things up right now. The emphasis being on the shitty lemonade, not the alcohol.

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Sharon said...

Just keep looking forward, it's the only way.