Friday, October 15

God bless us, everyone. We're a broken people living under loaded gun. And it can't be out-fought. It can't be out-done. It can't be out-matched,. It can't be out-run.

People I'd like to share a spliff with:

In no particular order....

Stan Laurel.
I'd like to tell him how much I love Laurel & Hardy movies. And how they helped me through a tough childhood.

Quentin Tarantino.
I'd like to ask him for a cameo in his next movie.

Damien Rice.
I'd like to ask him who she is.

Drew Barrymore.
I'd like to ask if I could do the music supervision on her next project.

Johnny Depp.
'Cos he's cool as fuck.

Howard Marks.
To listen to more of his fabulous stories.

Danny MacNamara.
I'd like to convince him to get the band back together.

Bruce Forsyth.
To see if he was still funny.

Zach Braff.
To just talk somethin' and nothin'.

The guy who created Chocolate Hobnobs.
And I'd shake that man's hand.

Angelina Jolie.
If I'm honest, to hopefully get into her knickers.

Robert Plant.
To thank him, for everything he's done and is still doing.

Robbie Williams, Kate Winslett, Dr Dre, Russell Brand, Lee Evans, John Cusack, Britney Spears, Foghorn Leghorn, McLovin, the Chief Of Police, Elbow, Al Pacino....Thom high school art teacher............Ziggy Stardust............Tom Baker....

4 parlez:

SpiralSkies said...

Ooh, Tom Baker's one of our clients at work... I'll ask his wife next time she pops in. Can't help you with the others, esp. the trendy ones cos I am a bit non-trendy.

And, also, I think Angelina should be warned?

Anonymous said...

I'd add Tori Amos X

Dazedlittlemiss said...

I'd like to meet Johnny Depp...he's got that 'weird cool' going on.

bedshaped said...

Spiral Skies,
Tom Baker....I bet he's cool as fuck.

Yes! Tori, definitely. Good call!

I wouldn't say no.