Monday, August 2

Kicking up mischief, and feeding the fire. Kicking up mischief, and walking the wire.

It's all about pushing yourself.
Never mind "that extra mile", a few extra steps are enough.
And when you come up against something immovable in your way,
You just start pushing in a different direction.
I'd like to be pushing in all sorts of new directions by the end of this year. I'd like to be doing something 'different' with my life, I'd like to have my own space back, I'd like to focus more on getting myself happy and learning to love myself again, instead of thinking back at pointless things and people that don't matter anymore. You can't change the past and people are just people.

Hope is what I'm carrying a lot of.

3 parlez:

gekkogirl said...

Hope... nuff said. x

bedshaped said...

Yup x

Anonymous said...

Elbow are a bloody great band.

You have a damn fine taste in music, sir/madam.