Tuesday, August 3

Well, I'm gonna buy a gun and start a war. If you can tell me something worth fighting for. And I'm gonna buy this place is what I said. Blame it upon a rush of blood to the head.

For the second time this week, I've walked into the men's toilets to find the previous occupant didn't even flush properly.

Dear person/persons who use the toilet at work for number two's,

Would you like walk into the toilet and find a 'present' awaiting your arrival?
Didn't think so.

Please be kind enough to show some common courtesy.

Best wishes,
bedshaped x

2 parlez:

gekkogirl said...

Ugh, I HATE when that happens. Moved offices two months ago - the toilets are "unisex"... cue all sorts of not so delightful presents :-(

bedshaped said...

I'm worried that if I somehow uncover the offender, I may do something rash.