Tuesday, May 4

So many thousands of days in my life, that I don't remember. And a small handful of days that I do, hold near to my heart.

It would be nice to think that as you grow, you pick up things from other people who've touched your life, in some way. They may be a life-long friend, they may have been a lover, they may have been a fleeting coincidence, but no matter, something they did, or showed you, or spoke to you about....had an effect on you. Maybe not at that precise point. Not like it was some kind of epiphany. But maybe weeks, months, even years pass before you sync the two things in your mind. And you find youself being 'different', and all because of the wonderful fact that everybody is different. And a different person once touched your life.
Everybody has wisdom in them.
They just don't know it.
Or believe it.
Or understand it.

I think I have roughly six months left on this journey before I reach where I need to be.
And then it will all be over.

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SpiralSkies said...

So in 6 months time, 'it' won't be over at all... you'll simply be embarking on a new journey. And it's likely you'll be a slightly different person by then too. Life's exciting, isn't it?

I love the way people drift into our lives without any sort of fanfare or fuss... they just float in (and sometimes out again) leaving their mark like driftwood on a beach.

It's all good.

gekkogirl said...

Yeah, what she said ;-)

bedshaped said...


Yes, I realize that in six months time, I'll be a diferent person on a different journey.
I'm planning things. I know! Me....planning things further than two days into the furture. It's amazing. A revolution!
Rough calculations will mean that in about six months time, I'll have changed so much in my life that this place will have more than served its purpose. So in that respect, yes, it will all be over.

I am driftwood.
And yes, it's all good! x


She is very wise, that one!