Monday, March 22

Theres a man on the corner, selling dozens of bones.

I wonder, is there a guy equivalent to a spinster? Or is a spinster a non gender thing anyway?
I mean....can I be a guy, who ends up alone, with embarassing Tesco receipts and a house full of cats?
To be honest, it doesn't sound a bad idea to me at all.

There's this horrible assumption, that people who are alone after reaching a certain age, well, there must be something 'wrong' with them. It's a totally unfair assumption. It's an ugly blanket statement. It's a little like saying that once people get married, their sex lives wither away.
I am, however, broken.
Well, maybe not so much broken, but certainly a mis-build. A 'second'. A defective. So I guess I'm quite happy to be labelled as 'there must be something wrong with this guy'. Because I can't deny it.

I crave my own space. My own time.
Being with another person is wonderful, of course. It's silly to think otherwise.
I do need me time though. It's essential.
I'm desperately in need of some me time right now.

Frustration is hanging in the air. I think I might have to throw one out, just to relieve some tension.

Nope, somehow the blogger page just isn't cutting the mustard with me.

And why has the redesigned Blogger post widget not kept the spellchecker?! Soooo frustrating. Some people really relied on that (read me!), and who knows how people cope when they do the obligatory drunken posts! It's crazy, I tell thee!

4 parlez:

Louis Spector said...

I like this, and relate to.

SpiralSkies said...

I happen to know for a fact that there's nothing wrong with you. Just thought I'd mention it.

One's own space - whether psychological or physical - is essential, otherwise how can you welcome another person into it?

Daphne said...

Agree. One's own space is not only acceptable and necessary...but often, what divides the sane/thinking/feeling people from the shallow drones.

People who cannot stand being alone with themselves for five minutes make me really nervous and uncomfortable, for the most part. So load up on those frozen Tesco dinners...and if you want some cats, this spinster may have some extras you can borrow :)

Daphne said...

p.s. I love the new look of the blog!