Saturday, March 20

It's unfortunate that when we feel a storm. We can roll ourselves over when we're uncomfortable.

I have nine posts drafted, but I still can't push the publish button. On any of them.

Yep, my thoughts are once again tangled.
But what I do know, is that Glee is just the best thing on TV at the moment. Oh, apart from Lost. Ah, and True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Caprica, Weeds, Dexter and Flash Forward. It is a pure stroke of genius though.

Shutter Island is one of the best movies I've seen in the last, oh I dunno, ten years.

I think I need a break. A holiday. Something.
Difference that's gonna be significant enough to push me over this small hurdle.

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Hope your thoughts get untangled soon. I'm loving your new blog layout btw

bedshaped said...

They are a tense game of Ker-Plunk!

I'm not won over by the redesign. I'm in niggle zone about a few things, and if I can't fix them, then I will prob start from scratch again.
Thanks though, x.