Saturday, March 6

Oh, you took me from my bubble, knowing my defense was weak. And you sat there and you listened anytime I chose to speak.

Dear Manager,

You're so empty of emotion....I simply can't read you at all. Put that aside for one minute. Irrespective of your body language and tone, would it kill you to pat me on the back, just once. It fucks me off that even though you know I'm doing a good job, even though my performance is much better than average, even though I put in more time and effort than anybody else on our team, you still can't find it in yourself to say "well done". Instead, you seem to think that push, push, pushing me is gonna make me perform even better.
Well, guess what? It wont.
And it's doing nothing but pissing me off and grinding me down.
So, I say this to you dear Manager...."Give me a fucking break!"

bedshaped x

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