Monday, March 22

It's like voodoo, I've lost all my control. I look in to you, you make me rock and roll.

I'm fasting today.
And probably tomorrow.
I feel podgy. Bloated.
I think I'm on.

4 parlez:

Blue soup said...

I'm feeling bloated too. Boo. *nods*

bedshaped said...

I recommend lots of Horlicks, pipe & slippers evenings and stay away from Cosmo magazine.

Daphne said...

And for God's sake, don't watch 'Desperate Housewives' (do you guys get that over there?) with that skinny-ass bitch, Teri Hatcher! She'll make you feel ginormous!

bedshaped said...

I kinda gave up on Desperate Housewives on the second season.