Tuesday, March 23

You have a supernatural flair. Push me further than I dare. Play on, play on, play on. So play on for me.

You left those photos on the table.
So, since you've been gone, I've been glancing through them again.
Random snapshots of your life.
Your obsession with Axl Rose is quite laughable though.
For me it was Prince. Maybe that's where I went wrong.

I feel the urge to write on the back of one of them; "Remember me?"
But there's no pen to hand.
So maybe I'll whisper it to you in the wind.
One day when you least expect it.

That lip gloss looks amazing on you.
But better on me.
And although you beat me hands down with your style, your eyelashes, your skin tone....
My pubes are much shorter than yours.

2 parlez:

surly girl said...

hey, bedshaped! how goes it?

bedshaped said...

surly....I wont pry and ask where you've been....just....are you back?