Sunday, January 10

I'll take this soul that's inside me now. Like a brand new friend, I'll forever know.

The morning after made so much more sense than the night before
Too many refills
Outside influence, outside influence
Somebody call the cops.

The night before had too many arms and too many legs
Eagerness overpowered love
Care and attention, fear and redemption
Somebody call the cops.

The smell of newly baked bread in the air and sex on the sheets
Passion danced with the morning
Between them, deep within them
Somebody call the cops.

The wonderful expression on her face said it all and more
His expression quite different
Pulling faces, saving graces
Somebody call the cops.

The feeling of real life was much more apparent in the morning
Between the absolute two of them
The truth of her moans, the depth of his groans
Somebody call the cops.

The feeling of a jigsaw puzzle with all its pieces present
Bodies entwined as if it were meant
Wrapped around her, deep inside her
Somebody call the cops.

Come on, surprise him
Include him in the bigger picture
Do you ever want to think "what if?"
What if?

The hours that followed saw them sat on the sofa together
Her eyes catching his panoramic gaze
He stroked her garden, and begged her pardon
They were pulling out all the stops.

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