Tuesday, January 12

This storm it came up strong. It shook the trees and blew away our fear. I couldn't even hear.

I'm currently downloading "One Hundred Vocal Trance Anthems" and am more excited about listening to that on the way to and from work, than I am about anything else tomorrow.
That's kinda sad, isn't it?

When I work on a Sunday, I spend the first two hours drinking coffee and watching the Hollyoaks omnibus, then I listen to Radio One for the rest of the day.
I'm thinking about volunteering to work this Sunday, so I can see what happens next.
That's kinda sad too, huh?

And it's times like when I was downstairs the other night, watching some drama with my parents....and yes, the steamiest sex scene came on....and lasted for-e.v.e.r....tits and arse everywhere, even parts of a lady-garden....and to say they were athletic, well....I can only hope they are on Team GB for the next Olympics....grunts and groans, moans and even a vocal money shot yelp. Yes, a Barbaric yelp.
Anyway....when that happens to me, it makes me realize I may have outstayed my welcome here.

It's disjointed, isn't it?
But it makes sense, right?

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