Friday, January 8

And you gathered from my pleas to you, that I am but a clown. No fear, only a hero can defeat these demons now.

I am due to finish taking my medication at the end of this month.
Does that mean I'm fixed?
Am I mentally unbalanced no longer?
Am I....ok?

I feel a terrible urge to fly the nest again. I need to be free.
The only thing that's keeping me from looking at it more seriously, is the fact that I can pay back more of my debts while I'm nesting with The Folks.
And I need to get that done and dusted.

It's not that I can't settle, it's that I'm....unsettled.

2 parlez:

SpiralSkies said...

Being free sounds rather nice. At least you have the option to fly away if you choose to. That's a special thing to have in your pocket.

bedshaped said...

Being free can be over-rated.