Sunday, September 6

This girl I know, needs some shelter. She don't believe anyone can help her. She's doing so much harm, doing so much damage.

So put the snoring and slight dribbling aside.
Start breathing.

Maybe it will take a while before you realize. But when you do, it will hit you like hammer.
I hope you're prepared.

I'll stop turning away from you, if you stop reading erotica and fucking yourself with your toys.
I'll start being more open with your friends when you stop fantasizing about fucking them.

I am the Sean Connery to your Roger Moore.
I am the Han Solo to your chewbaca.
I am the Duckie boy to your Watts.

Think about it.

Maybe you will never know the full potential. And that's just a shame. Such a shame.

Nothing will ever change it, not even if you spunk over my my hair, my chest....whatever. Nothing. Some things will never, ever change.

It's just your outlook that you needs to change.
And maybe one day it will come.
Or maybe you will never change your outlook, because that's how you feel.
It doesn't matter how many facts and figures you need, just ask.

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gekkogirl said...


LB said...

I have no idea what you're on about.


bedshaped said...

It's ok LB, not many people do, especially with my random moments. This was actually written a good few years ago. Maybe all that shows is that some people never grow out of being odd.