Saturday, September 5

Our minds pressed and guarded, while our flesh disregarded the lack of space for the light-hearted, in the boom that beats our drum.

I was gonna post tonight.
In fact, I'm almost finished with what I have to say. But....I was researching some pictures to go along with it, and well....I kinda got sidetracked.

Good job I have the house to myself this weekend!

Sometimes I am far too cryptic for my own good.

2 parlez:

SpiralSkies said...

Hmmmm. Very cryptic indeed.

Someone cool told me to revisit Damien Rice's album. I'm going to do just that. And then I'm going to buy a piano.

bedshaped said...

Yes, yes, listen to your cool friend. It really is a brilliant collection of songs. He is sheer genius at story telling. And Lisa's vocals are lush.