Monday, August 31

I've been longing for as long as I can remember, for something like this to go my way. And it always feels so right, and then you take it all away.

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday), I have to ring up and quit my job.
I start my new one on Wednesday.


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SpiralSkies said...

And also 'Things Always Turn Out The Way They're Supposed To'?

Beth said...

This is good!

Fern said...

love when that happens.

gekkogirl said...

whoop whoop! xxx

Cat said...

Hurrah - well done!

bedshaped said...

spiralskies, beth, fern, gekkogirl, cat....
Thank you.
I sincerely mean that.

Take care, all of you. xx

And thanks to the people who emailed me as well. It's very much appreciated. You all know who you are. xx