Saturday, August 22

Maybe it's selfishness, you say. All the promise I've broken thoughtlesly, I know that's no way to live.

V music festival this weekend.
Just spoke to my niece who's there with her boyfriend. I got them the tickets. It's sunny, they're drinking lots and have Ladyhawke, The Streets, The Enemy and Oasis to see later. Damn n fucking bollocks, I'm so, so jealous!
Loving, loving, loving the E4 advert for the V Festival. That's my church.

I've just sent a text message to her, asking her to ring me if Oasis play a certain song. And telling her to take care.

A guy passed out at work yesterday. That's 3 this month so far. There are ovens, lots of heat and stagnant air, and no ventilation.

It's been a strange day, today. Earlier I met up with a girl I haven't seen or spoken to in over 15 years. She looks....the same....but with bigger tits. She's had them done. It was the second thing she told me on Facebook.

Why does sending a card sound like such a bad, terrible, intrusive, unwanted thing to do.

Tina Dico - "You Know Better."

Listen....listen to what she sings.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

3 parlez:

Beth said...

This is not a 'Congratulations on your new tits' card, is it?

bedshaped said...

Ha, nope.

LB said...

Tina Dico is, without any exception, the absolutely finest most beautiful and brilliant singer in the world today.