Friday, August 21

But I realize that I need you, and I wonder if I could come home.

Bea's hair looks lovely. I wish she wasn't such a spoilt bitch.
And Davina looks really hot tonight.

What's happened in my life this week....? Well, I've had my hand crushed at work. My knuckles to be exact. Hurt like a mutha fucker and I now have bruises on the back of my hand. Great.
The place I work for have cut 3 temps and my fact every other temps hours have been cut down. Oh joy. But you have to keep positive and get on with it, right? Right!

Maybe its time to post some of the posts I've 'drafted'. Maybe. I dunno. I read them back and I'm still not sure how much sense they make.

Things are changing for me. They have been for a while. Growing, changing, spreading out, reaching out, flowing, expanding, morphing....

I love, love, love the new Imogen Heap album. It's personified.
Maybe I should have been born lesbian.

Imogen Heap - Bad Body Double.

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