Sunday, August 16

The sound of silence grows, as the spider's kiss is laid. The tumor becomes malign, but the kids are doing fine.

I always swore to myself that I'd never blog when I was drunk.
Things change, huh.

I didn't get any of the three jobs offered at the place I'm currently temping at. In fact, yesterday, the postman delivered a letter saying I'd not even got through to the interview stage. Couple that with the fact that my hours at work have been cut down again....I probably should be feeling pissed off. But, I'm not. These things happen. It's not a bad thing, a negative thing. It's an opportunity. An opportunity for me to make things different, move on and get myself straight again.

There's a mahoosive spider walking about in the dining room. My mum would be freaking out right now if she was here. I don't have the heart to catch it. It's probably just wondering where it's home is. Poor thing.

I've written a post about sex. It's in the 'drafts'.

I've donated half my wardrobe to a charity shop.

Bea, from Big Brother....I used to like her. I used to really like her. Apart from the fact that she's blonde, she seemed to have all the characteristics of a girl that I like. But lately, she's shown a different side to her. A side that I don't really like. I feel a little....let down by her. Since Freddie got evicted on Friday, and he was my favourite to win, now I'm left wondering who to support.

Long skirt, strappy top, long hair. Long skirt, strappy top, long hair.

I don't look backwards, only forwards, because that's where my future lies.

I love driving a car again, instead of a van. Just the fact that I have windows and vision behind me, instead of having to use the stupid door mirrors makes a mahoosive difference. Not to mention the comfort, the steering, the four doors, the space, the braking, not having to wait for glow plugs to warm up.

Music is saving my life, once again. I have fell back in love with music.

Here's a couple of choones I've been throwing down shapes to lately. They are great for exercising too as well. Great bass lines, great beats, great vocals. Damn, I love this kind of stuff.

Armin Van Buuren - This World Is Watching Me
John Ocallaghan - Big sky

2 parlez:

Cat said...

Interesting - the mojo's back and you're writing about sex. Welcome back, my friend!

(Oh, and I want to punch Bea - most annoying!)

bedshaped said...

Yeah, Bea. I tell ya....I'm two minds about her. I can't help it.
Yes, I've been writing about sex. And yes, my mojo is back, but probably not back in the way that you think.