Tuesday, August 25

I know this silence, been here before. I'm walking blinded through your door. This is a sense of things to come. This innocence.

New shirt - Check (White, crisp, virginal)
Suit - Check (A little on the big side now)
Polished shoes - Check (Shiny!)
Tie - Check (Damn, I hate wearing ties)
Fuel in the car - Check (enough to get there anyway)
Bath - Check (Love a nice, relaxing bath. Extra bubbles please)
Shave - Check (Damn you new razor, you fucking bastard, cut my neck..kjsdfhsdfjhsdf)
Teeth brushed - Check (Several times)
Pubes trimmed - Check (Well, I like to feel good about myself!)
Research on the Company - Check (Established, family owned, growing)
Playlist for the car journey - Check (Euphoric Emotions)
Slightly sicky feeling - Check (A little nervous? You bet!)
Application form completed - Check (Waffle waffle)
Photo to accompany application form - Check (Damn you fucking new razor!!)
Directions to Company - Check (Printed out 'cos my Sat Nav died)
Throw one out to relieve any tension - Check (Welcome back mojo)
Pre Interview nerves - Check (Bubbly)
Smellies applied - Check (Damn, I smell nice)
Going commando - Check (Oh, if only they knew!)
Bottle of wine for disappointment/celebration - Check

5 parlez:

Emchi said...

Good luck / congratulations??!? :oD

Cat said...

How did it go? Fingers crossed you were toasting your success?

SpiralSkies said...

You went commando???! Crumbs! Um... good. I have wine in the fridge to share by proxy.

gekkogirl said...


How did it go?
lots of lovely love

bedshaped said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone.