Monday, September 1

Crosswords through the bathroom door, while someone sings the theme-tune to the news.

Slightly concerning moments in our relationship; Part Three.

She rambled on; something about the mirror and possibly being there for a while. Mid-way through her nervously delivered explanation, I was already shaking my head in disbelief. Disbelief and quite frankly shock at the sight of The Girl taking her Steven King book with her, to read on the toilet!

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Slipstream said...

This happened with E and I last night.

Except I took his 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not.'

Which... isn't that bad of a bathroom read?

This is probably TMI.

Fern said...

haha! I can tell you are so SO in love...and somehow it doesn't sound at all nauseating.

I appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

ooh which steven king?

i'm typing from the toilet. i knew you'd want to know that

weenie said...

Puzzle books are my favourite - can't quite manage a Sudoku in one sitting though, if you'll pardon the pun! ;-)

Miss A said...

Haha I love to grab anything to read on my way to the loo. But Stephen King? Kind of has an ear of spookiness about it!

bedshaped said...

So, you're a toilet reader too huh? I'm beginning to realise this is a lot more wide-spread than I first imagined.

There were gonna be more 'slightly concerning moments', but we had a conversation in the Supermarket a few days ago....

The book in question was 'Wizard and Glass'.
And yes, I didn't really want to know that you were perched on the toilet whilst typing a comment, but thanks for sharing.

Another toilet reader! Ok, so it's a puzzle book, but that still counts.

miss a,
Holy shit!(pardon the pun), yet another toilet reader! I'm not sure just how scary that Steven King book is, but I guess the best place to read it is on the toilet....just in case, yano.

PPQ said...

But Bedshaped, didn't you know? The toilet is one of THE best places for reading/inspiration/quiet thoughts. There's something about the quiet calm in there, knowing that you won't be disturbed!

bedshaped said...

But it's just so very wrong! Why would anybody want to prolong the experience of 'waste evacuation'?!
Nice to see you're still around by the way.

Anonymous said...

clearly, bedshaped, you don't have children or any other overly attentive people sharing your household, who only understand OFF LIMITS while you are, in fact, literally on the toilet. i mean, who is going to argue that i'm wasting time while i'm on the commode? do they really want to see proof? it's ideal for hiding out, really

bedshaped said...

Wrong on both counts, I'm afraid.
I understand what you're saying about having a 'hide out' and some privacy, but really....there must be better places than the toilet.

Anonymous said...

bed, i ask this in all seriousness: where do you hide? i'm up for a change in venue

H said...

hehe i'm all for a speedy trip whereas he sometimes takes more than one book!

bedshaped said...

Just over three weeks ago, I was living on my own and didn't have to find a place to escape or hide because there was nobody else around.
It's completely different now with four other people around, but even so, I wont be found taking books or magazines to read on the toilet to find serenity.

More than one book?! Surely he comes out with his arse indented by the shape of the toilet seat after a sitting like that.