Monday, September 8

You got me racin'. Anticipatin'. And I don't think I can handle this.

Further evidence of the very strange phenomenon of reading whilst on the toilet:

pandy's bogI took this picture on my camera phone on Saturday night. This quite clearly shows evidence of a 'toilet-reader' in my brother's house.
What the hell is going on?!?!
It's all very, very wrong if you ask me. When you need to go to the toilet (obviously talking solids here), you should simply sit down, do your business, wipe up, flush, wash your hands and leave. The whole process should be a matter of minutes and there should be no, repeat no time to read anything!

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Anonymous said...

yeah... um, well, lots of folks will have varying opinions on this subject. live and let live, though, right?

Beth said...

You're right. It's wrong.

Nice tiles though.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to say nice tiles too.

Fern said...

I always thought it was a well known(and well documented) phenomenon.

Cat said...

I used to have a boyfriend who would pick up my Heat magazine and retire to the toilet for approximately half an hour. It always bothered me from an OCD/germ perspective, and I must admit that the first time (when we'd been seeing one another about five minutes) it happened it took me aback. Each to their own, though.

bedshaped said...

It's just one of those things that people will agree to disagree on.

They are nice, yeah. I'll pass on your comments to my brother. About the tiles, I mean, not that you agree with me about reading on the toilet. I don't think he'll be too bothered about that. Though thinking about it....he's gonna be wondering how other people have seen his bathroom tiles and as he can never, never know about this blog then I think I'll just say "thank you" on his behalf.

Hello and welcome.
"Thank you" on behalf of my brother.

Perhaps it is. I must admit that I've been surprised how many other people practice it though.

Any guy who not only takes a dump, but also takes reading material with him to his dates' toilet on the first day, must have the confidence of an Adonis.
Each to their own, indeed!

PPQ said...

Hmmm, you wouldn't be happy to hear that we actually have a magazine rack full of magazines in our bathroom then??


ps. Thanks for the kind comment

bedshaped said...

Well, a rack full of magazines in the bathroom could be for several purposes; reading in the bath (of which I'm a huuuggggeeee fan), or for emergency wiping should you run out of toilet roll.

Anonymous said...

so, it's ok to spend time in the TUB, presumably hiding away from it all and reading. yes?

bedshaped said...