Sunday, August 31

Oh well, in five years time we could be walking round a zoo. With the sun shining down over me and you.

Another slightly concerning moment in our relationship becomes apparent:

"You prefer Ben & Jerry's over Häagen-Dazs?!"

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Fern said...

ok this could be a problem...or a bright spot:

Everyone gets their own pint.

bedshaped said...

Not necesarily, fern.
In fact, it's quite a clever move by The Girl, because whilst she prefers Ben & Jerry's, I'm sure she will quite happily share Häagen Dazs with me. I sampled some Ben & Jerry's the other night and I found it way too sweet. Was is the flavour? Maybe. But I don't think I'd be tempted to try any others. And while I think about it, who the fuck makes ice cream called Phish Food?!

Anonymous said...

it's so sad that you don't have turkey hill's chocolate marshmallow where you are

Joe said...

The One Stop down at the top of my road is doing two Ben & Jerrys for £5.50. IT'S KILLING ME. Me and my housemate must have been through every flavour three times. Last week our freezer was nothing but ice cream. My heart hurts.

bedshaped said...


I just checked the Turkey Hill website to see what it's all about, but I didn't stay there long. A galloping cow was enough to put me off.


The Tesco store around the corner was doing a promotion on Häagen Dazs a few weeks ago. It was less than half price, so we indulged.
I'll probably be strung up for saying this, but I view Ben & Jerry's as a poor Häagen Dazs wannabe.

Cat said...

But Ben and Jerry's is so much more fun - the names, the packaging...

Bizarrely, I actually used Haagen Dazs as a case study with my students today - very innovative advertising strategy in the early 90s, in case you're interested - and we had this debate in class. Oddly enough, the mature students all went for HD, while the youngsters preferred B&J. Does that make me a young pretender? Or just a sucker for branding?

The Girl said...

Cat I like your theory. I am a tad younger in the age department.
He's always saying things like 'do you remember Different Strokes' and I reply 'Not really my era deary'.