Tuesday, August 19

Open, baby you've left me. Oh and now I'm shattered into a million pieces.

It's beginning to dawn on me that it will be a while before I begin to think of myself as a resident of this city, instead of a visitor.
The Girl needed a few art supplies, so we hopped on a tram into the city and spent some time wandering around The Northern Quarter. I really like it there. We've only seen a fraction of the area, but from the little we've seen, it's definitely somewhere I'd like to spend a lot more time.

I've made a worrying discovery. The Girl hangs her toilet roll the wrong way round.
I feel pretty confident in saying that even though it's probably not something one would consciously 'think about' whilst changing the roll, it's almost certainly a sub-conscious decision that ensures that the roll is always hung the same way round.
Next time the roll needs changing, I'm gonna hang it the other way round....the correct way round and see how long it takes before The Girl says something.

Blimey! A disagreement over the correct way to hang toilet roll could cause a rift in our relationship!

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Fern said...

right...all from a man who opens his crisp bag upside down and disrespects the handle of his mug...


it's the quirks that make the world go round.

Jo said...

You may find she's prepared to do a deal: change the way she hangs the roll in return for always finding the seat down and splash free. Worked for me.

bedshaped said...


I would have said that I don't do the toilet seat left up thingy, but alas, I've been guilty of it a couple of times.

Chloe said...

don't expect her to guess. Help out by painting a little arrow on the proper side of the loo paper, writing underneath, "this way down".

Duck said...

Hey, looks like you're in my neck of the woods now. Welcome.

Be wary of raising the toilet paper issue. Far better to turn the other cheek. Or just correct it surreptitiously.


Beth said...

Well, the last thing I learned from this blog was how to fold my towels properly (seriously, it's been a revelation!)

Now, I'm waiting with baited breath to find out - the toilet roll: which way is the right way???

bedshaped said...

I think she's just a little misguided.

Thanks for the warm welcome.
There may have been some disgruntled discussions about said toilet roll issue, but I'm not about to take a sledgehammer to her.

I'm pleased to see that you've gained something useful from my blog, albeit knowledge given by someone else.
There may be more to come on the toilet roll debate, but seriously....you have to ask which way is correct?!

SwissToni said...

well, I don't have a roll-holder, and keep my (always Charmin double) on the cistern.... but top down. Always. It's just the *right* way

SwissToni said...

(as in, hanging facing forwards... otherwise it's just on backwards