Sunday, August 17

'Cause every once in a while, you think about if you're gonna get yourself together.

I travelled light.
It could be seen as a worrying sign to know that your entire life can be moved almost a hundred miles in just the back of a car and a small van. But I don't feel anything other than free. I feel like I've shed a shit load of years. Years that I'd finished with. Years that held nothing else for me, except distant memories.
There's a huge sense of relief coming over me and most of that is due to me moving up with just the things that matter to me. My music, my clothes, my pc, my magazines, my DVD's, Marley; my plant, my spent gig tickets and a few other items.
No furniture. No bulky stuff. Very few material things. All of that was either recycled, thrown in the local dump or left for the new tenant to help her out.

I feel like I'm being given the chance to start all over again.
I feel like a nobody with nothing to prove.

5 parlez:

Duck said...

If you're starting over, then ditch the rear view mirror and focus only on the horizon.

Sounds like you've made a good start.

Best of luck xx

bedshaped said...

Thanks duck.
It's all forward focussed from here.

Jaggy said...

I once loaded everything I owned into the back of my Rover 800 and moved on. It was surprising when the time came for me to do it, how little, out of a 4 bedroom house, actually meant anything to me.

It was fantastic to make a clean break and have a fresh start. Well, as fresh as you can be with no washing machine.

Fern said...

envy envy envy....and joy joy joy on your behalf.

bedshaped said...

Yeah, it's been completely liberating.
I shall say nothing about the Rover though. I'll just quietly chuckle to myself.

I'm beginning to soak up the joy a little more, although I'm still finding myself in a weird place, emotionally.