Wednesday, August 13

For the last time you have me in bits, now shut up and let me go.

I've never been one for lists. I understand the usefulness of such things, but I've generally shied away from them on the basis that when I start one, it always ends up huge and leaves me with a feeling that I'm facing a huge mountain that's impossible to climb.

When I worked in Sales, they would always encourage the use of lists.
Lists for things to be done that day. Lists for things that need to be done, but not necessarily that day. Lists for things that need to be done by other people that affect my own lists in some sort of fashion. And then there were lists of the other lists that would allow me to keep track of where I was with it all.
Prioritise this. Shuffle that. Scratch that thing off and add this, that and the other.
"Lists will help you organise your time better", they would say.
"Keeping an up to date list, crossing off what you've achieved will help motivate you", they would chant.
"Organise your list so that you can easily prioritise your jobs and focus your time and effort on the important stuff, instead of wondering just where to start", they would preach.
Regular training courses would be provided, especially when they wanted to introduce us to the latest 'tools' that they'd found to help us achieve such brilliant listing skills.
On reflection, my organisation skills in a work environment were usually pretty good, with or without any kind of listing system. It's just in my personal life where I suck.

Over the next couple of days I need to get my shit together, because at the weekend I need to be out of this house.
Over the next couple of days I need to pack everything up that I'm taking with me, some ninety miles north of here.
Over the next couple of days I need to change my address with everything that's associated with me and leave this house ready for whoever is going to be my tenant.
Over the next couple of days I need to cancel, change, redirect, check and then double check things so that I don't end up in a damn mess.

I think I'm gonna need a list.

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Anonymous said...

something tells me that blogging may not be on this list. godspeed!

bedshaped said...

True, I've been very busy with things lately. My current broadband provider is due to cut me off either Friday or Saturday, but that's not such an issue because I can hit off The Girl's connection in a wireless stylee.

treacle said...

Good luck with everything you have to do. And please do carry on blogging would be great to know how you are settling in up north.

bedshaped said...

Thanks treacle.
As long as I've got something to say, I'll carry on.
Hope everything's going well for you.

Cat said...

Lists are seriously under-valued, I think. I am a compulsive maker of lists. Such satisfaction when one has everything crossed off.

Good luck with the move - see you on the other side!

bedshaped said...

I lack this satisfaction of which you speak, cat.

On the other side....