Thursday, August 21

Going back to the corner, where I first saw you. Gonna camp in my sleeping bag, I'm not gonna move.

Temporarily living with The Girl has some distinct advantages.
Watching her do Pilates is one of them.

Her dog appears to have moved on from the 'excited to see me' stage; yapping, running on the spot, jumping up at my legs, to the realisation that I may have moved in on his turf. I've caught him a few times giving me his best attempt at a displeased look.
Her cat perfected that look many months ago.

2 parlez:

Emchi said...

You seem so much happier since you've moved up t'north.

The look the dog is giving you is called the Furry Eyeball, and Lily perfected that within hours of coming home. She has several:
1. I'm not getting enough attention.
2. Was I REALLY that bad?
3. You're going out and leaving me... again.
4. What time do you call this, can't I have a lie in?

I'm sure you'll learn more :o)

bedshaped said...

I am happier, yes.
Earlier today, The Girl said I was a lot more pessimistic. She's right. I'm happy, but I've lost my positive outlook. Hopefully just temporarily.