Friday, June 13

Well, I think you’d find out if you dared to stay. That far away is a place inside yourself.

I miss reading about her thoughts. Thoughts she hadn't already told me.
And about her day to day. Whatever things they were.
I miss filling in the gaps that sit between our conversations.
And just the primative thought that she's

Over a recent period, The Girl has stopped blogging. She appears to have migrated to Facebook, which she keeps asking me to sign up for. I dunno. Facebook always sounded like the next level of Friends Reunited to me. Maybe she enjoys it more, because she feels like she can be more like herself. And that's why I can't do it, because I think Facebook loses that anonymous level to a certain degree. And on an acceptable level, Blogger has given me a place where I can reveal as little as I want.
I leave reading between the lines up to anybody who stumbles across here.

It's weird, even though we talk every single day, I still miss reading those little things. Even if she tells me about them again.

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SpiralSkies said...

I felt the same when Lovely bf stopped blogging. I think things are just expressed differently when the words are written down, rather than spoken. We see them from a more detached angle than when we're able to interrupt and understand.

I do love Facebook but it's a personal thing, separate from blogging. Maybe I just need to get out more?

Fern said...

it's intimate, blogging is...I agree.

there's something special, dare I say tender, about reading someone else's stuff.

the small bits and the big stuff.

the open-ended upside down moments and careless normal day to day events.

almost fiction, but not quite.

yours is one of my favorites.

Beth said...

Facebook is like a noisy classroom, full of shouty people clamouring for attention.

Blogging is a quiet, comfortable, one to one chat, over a cup of tea.

(unless you are one of those unlucky bloggers who attracts scary, shouty commenters of course!)

Jon said...

I know what you mean. My version of The Girl used o blog a little bit. She always confessed she wasn't very good at doing it...but it was nice to hear her unadulterated thoughts.

lovestevie said...

I agree with you & everyone here.
And this: "Facebook is like a noisy classroom, full of shouty people clamouring for attention." –hits it right on the head.

I got suckered into Facebook, and now check back about once a month if that. Deleted the MySpace page last year.

I'm curious, though...What do we think the "next" revolution will be? Not within social media, but beyond?

Timbo said...

I'm with Beth here. Facebook is all well and good, but you can't be sure who's looking at you. Unless of course you block all the people you don't want reading about your dirty linen, and then have to try and explain to them why you've cancelled your Facebook account, when of course you haven't. A right pain that.

Anyways, you'll just have to force her to tell you the inbetween bits face to face.
Good with advice aren't I?

bedshaped said...

I think I just miss being able to read things abour her and her life. Which is riddiculous of course, because I'm part of her life, but feels like something's been taken away. To a certain degree, anyway.
Perhaps I'd love Facebook too, if I took the plunge. Maybe it's something I'll grow into.

Yes, I agree. It's the day to day, sometimes even (dare I say it) trivial things that are nice to read. It's nice to read about 'normal stuff' and I think Blogging provides that particular format very well.
And thanks for the very kind words.

Facebook appears to something you need to be much more active on. To get anything out of it, anyway. It just sounds like a lot more effort and hard work.

I take it she's also given up. It's a shame, isn't it.
When a person who I've been reading for a while and got to know a little through their writings gives up Blogging, it always makes me feel a little sad. I feel like I've lost a friend. Obviously, when it's a partner who gives up, the feeling of sadness and loss is still there, but it's not as deep because you still have them in your life.

Aah....MySpace eh? Now that's something I've never even considered.
And who knows what the next revolutionary thing will be? I mean....who could have seen how big Social Networking would be ten years ago?

Your advice sucks and you should go back to drawing characatures on your legs. Only joking!
I was under the impression that a 'good' thing about Facebook was that you have the tools to control who can check you out and who can't. Isn't that the whole 'Adding Friends' thing?

orangefrute88 said...

i have recently caused, let's call him "the assface," to delete his entire blog AND delete me as a friend on facebook, all in an effort to never speak to me again. and i swear, i don't even know why. i wouldn't cop to it if i thought he was at all justified.

anyway, i agree, blogging is better. but having one is better than having nothing at all. life is short, try it out. you can always just not go there.