Thursday, June 12

Girls, you've got to know when it's time to turn the page. When you're only wet because of all the rain.

I love Tori Amos. The quirkiness goes without saying, but her songs, her words, the way she expresses herself....
She's also on 'The Laminated List', but she'll never, ever come off. How could I, to somebody who writes and sings something like "Northern Lad".

"Say Anything" is on one of the channels tonight. I love that movie. I've been trying to find a torrent for it, for ages. That scene when John Cusack plays that song outside her house, holding the player up in his hands. That's gotta qualify for one of the greatest scenes ever, right?

I'm currently having a brilliant time loving music. Even Alphabeat's album sounds good to me.
So, I'm currently loving music, gonna watch a great movie, then I'll catch up on the day's happenings in the Big Brother house.
Rachel is my current favourite. I'd like to see Lisa evicted on Friday, then I'd like to see at least one new person over the weekend.

Northern Lad - Tori Amos.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%! Tori is my heroine and has been for as long as I can remember! Live she is just breathtaking! I could gush forever! She's the full package and Northern Lad is in my top 5 Tori songs!
Chin, chin for Tori!

lovestevie said...

"Say Anything!" Yes! I quote the line "he has that nervous talking thing" on a daily basis! Viva La Lloyd!!!!!

bedshaped said...

I've only seen her live once, at a music festival. It was good, but I felt the intimacy I kind of expected was lost on such a vast crowd. And she had technical issues with one of her keyboards too, which didn't help.
She's on my list of people I really, really want to see on her own tour.

I can remember when I first saw that movie, many years ago. Growing up and finding my path in life, I always wanted to be like Lloyd Dobler. While it was on last night, I found myself quietly smiling and nodding to myself.

Duck said...

I love that movie. I'm a big John Cusack fan. He was the only thing that made the americanisation of Nick Hornby's High Fidelity bearable. That's my favourite scene too.

When you see that doesn't it make you think - 'That is love, and I'm never settling for anything less than that'

Note to self. Must get DVD

bedshaped said...

Absolutely, duck. That's exactly what that scene's all about.