Wednesday, May 7

I can't deny what I've become. I'm just emotionally undone. I can't deny, I can't be someone else.

House For Sale Watch : Day Seven.

Nothin' happenin'.

I think I over did it with the Weetabix last night. As a consequence, today I've been feeling very small, very insignificant, very insecure.
I've had to 'borrow' yet more money off my mum to pay for that stupid Home Information Pack that all house sellers have to have now.
It pains me to have to keep asking for help.
It makes me feel weak.

And I'm running low on coffee.

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Fern said...

don't forget to be kind to 'some guy,' remember he's just on a 'journey'...

like the rest of us.

Cat said...

I'm sure your mum doesn't think you're weak, and if you were here, I'd buy you a coffee. (But not from a chain like Starbucks, I hate those.)

Wait a while, said the thorn tree. This too shall pass.

bedshaped said...


Kia said...

Asking for help isn't weak. Asking for help is one of the strongest things you can do. To admit that you CAN'T do it all by yourself takes more strength than burying your head in the sand hoping it will all go away.

Also, as a mum, I know that i would rather my child came to me and told me the truth, than kept things from me.

So chin up, bs - you are stronger than a lot of people.

bedshaped said...

Thanks Kia.