Saturday, May 10

Ride it on out, like a bird in the sky way. Ride it on out, like you were a bird,

I think it's fair to assume that if I live for the next 30,40 or even 50 years, that within that time-frame, nobody is gonna have invented a time travel device.
If, during your own lifetime, time travel becomes a reality, then surely you would go back to somewhere in your own life, to drop some tips, give some hints, or at the very least let yourself know that things turn out cool.

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Jon said...

I honestly don't think I would. I'd be too fearful of changing everything for the worse.

bedshaped said...

But then you could travel back again, slap yourself in the face and put yourself back on track.
Although yeah, I understand what you're saying....The jinx effect, eh? And of course those 'spacetime continuum' thingies to consider.

Duck said...

I gsve this some thought here.

Wouldn't normally be cheeky and link, but too lazy to cut and paste.

bedshaped said...

Hello and welcome!
Yes, I see you gave it much more thought than I did.

If you happen to come back here, I'd appreciate a link to your explaination of Deja-Vu. I searched around your archives (f'nar f'nar), but came up blank.

Duck said...

Do I have to go through that again? ;)

I haven't covered it yet, on the blog. Saving it for a rainy day. But will be sure to let you know.

Thanks for dropping by.