Saturday, April 12

Promised you a miracle. Belief is a beauty thing.

The last few days have been hard on the work front. I've found myself chasing my own tail on many an occasion, mainly because I haven't picked up jobs that I can complete 'there and then'. It's frustrating the fuck out of me to have to re-book people in, but I guess the positive thing is that I've got some work booked in for a few days next week. Although I'm not looking forward to Monday morning, which will find me digging a three foot deep hole in somebody's back garden to find a leak. I can only hope it doesn't piss down with rain, although saying that, this is the UK, so it more than likely will. Or perhaps snow.


Am I in the minority wondering just why Gladiators is returning to UK TV screens. Why? Whyyyyyy!!!! The 'new' Gladiators have been kept under wraps. It's all been very hush-hush. I guess the producers have wanted to build up the excitement and anticipation.
They must have run out of animal names this time around. No more Rhino, Falcon, Wolf, Fox, Phoenix, Cobra or Hawk. Strangely, Panther is returning, although she appears to have changed her skin colour. Also gone are the ones named after bedside table lamps, condoms and species from Star Trek.
Of course, the new names are just as silly; Inferno, Atlas, Enigma, Tempest, Spartan.... All presumably need to be said with emphasis and a 'grrrr' kind of delivery. I think the producers have made a mistake with one in particular though. As far as I'm concerned, no girl in their right mind would ever want to be referred to as a "Battleaxe". Even though the 'official' blurb that accompanies her profile says, "A weapon of war; domineering, aggressive and indomitable - a warrior queen." To me, a Battleaxe is still considered a slang word for a nagging old hag.

A lack of money is causing me miss out on things I would normally have liked to do. Elbow are playing in their home-town on Sunday night. Somehow, I missed the release of the tickets, but that said, if I had the money then I'd have tried my hardest to talk The Girl into coming with me
and trying our hand at some serious negotiations with the touts outside the venue. I've also found out that Howard Marks is doing one his semi-famous 'talks' in some pub venue in the city somewhere. Another night I'd really like to have participated in.

*sigh again*

I'm making a mental note that having a lack of money sucks. It sucks big time donkey balls.
I'm making another mental note along the lines of never allowing myself to forget how hard things have been for me financially. Some time in the future, when I don't have to buy 'Value' products because that's all I can afford....I'd like to think back and remember that I survived being so broke....that I came out the other side. Of course, this is all on the presumption that I do actually come out the other side.

The Girl just came into the kitchen, while I've been blogging. When I told her I was blogging, she promised not to look at what I was typing. I'm sure she looking over my shoulder right now!
I feel breached!

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Cat said...

I had a spell about seven years back when I went from earning a decent enough salary to temping. My take-home pay was £130 per week, and because I was working (albeit at a greatly reduced rate) I got no relief with the mortgage, Council Tax etc. I would probably have been better off signing on.

In short, it was horrendous, and I could barely make ends meet for the six months it took me to find a proper job - my mum had to lend me money each month to stay afloat. It got better, but I've never forgotten how grim that period was.

I hope it gets better for you soon.

bedshaped said...

That's exactly what I'm talking about, cat.

SwissToni said...

I can't believe they're bringing Gladiators back either. Nor can I believe that one of the Gladiators is Du'aine Ladejo. He was described in the blurb I saw as a former competitor on Love Island. And that was it. Is this what the world's coming to? No mention of the fact that he was a gold medal winning European champion in the 400m, or that he has a silver and bronze from the 1992 and 1996 Olympics? Dear oh dear.
Am I overthinking this?


bedshaped said...

I fear you may be getting sucked in by all the re-launching media frenzy. I suggest you watch the first one, get it off your chest.